The hidden threat to your website conversions: What every digital and eCommerce leader needs to know

As a digital leader, you invest a lot of time, budget and resources to create strategic marketing and website plans that ensure a positive online user experience, increase business revenue and build brand reputation. But did you know that up to 20% of visitors that come to your site experience distractions that lead to conversion loss?

Read this whitepaper to learn about:• Invisible threats hurting your conversions• Types of webpage distractions impacting your business• How...

The top three threats eCommerce leaders must address to dominate

eCommerce and digital leaders invest heavily in solutions that help them deliver greater personalisation and a better omnichannel experience. Both are critical to converting customers and increasing revenue. However, there’s an equally important aspect to conversions that many digital leaders overlook – application security threats. If you want to deliver an optimal customer experience and boost your conversions, then it’s time to better understand these threats and work to eliminate...

On-demand Webinar: Don’t Let the GDPR Kill Your Marketing Strategy

New consent rules require marketers to rethink the way they interact with users. How can you deliver on-brand privacy notices? What are innovative ways to approach cookies and consent to increase opt-in rates?

In this session, we answer these questions, review marketing compliance requirements around legitimate interest, consent, cookies and ad tech and provide thought-provoking examples of new ways to think about compliance to maximize user opt-in in the GDPR era.


On-demand Webinar: EDAA Panel: Transparency and Responsibility in Digital Advertising

This panel will explore how self-regulatory mechanisms continue to play a critical and positive role for businesses and consumers in response to keylegislative changes in the digital world.

The audience will learn how a consumer-centric approach helps better identify where complementary industry standards can play the most usefulconsumer-facing role.

The audience will also discover how the ad industry’s self-regulatory program serves to educate and inform consumers of...

On-demand Webinar: Social Media while Social Distancing

Senior Client Partner Will Bonaddio discusses how social media has changed in the time of social distancing, and how a brand's purpose is key to achieving success and cut-through now more than ever.

Plus, using their own leading communities On The Tools and On A Budget, he provides industry insights and wider consumer trends to be aware of right now in order to help shape your marketing strategy.

This on-demand webinar is FREE to download.

This webinar is...

Whitepaper: The impact of Covid-19 on consumer and organisational behaviour: Putting the customer at the heart of marketing decisions

Consumer and organisational behaviours have changed rapidly in 2020, particularly with the global impact from Covid-19. There is a high likelihood of never returning to yesterday’s behaviours.

Organisations with the agility to adapt quickly will keep their customers engaged and keep delivering strong commercial results. It is more important than ever for the smart and intelligent use of customer & marketing data to help identify these new behaviours and to keep feeding...

The personalisation maturity curve: Where are you on your journey?

Personalisation has been much talked-about over recent years. But many companies are caught up in the complexity and scale of the transformation needed to make it happen.

In this whitepaper, personalisation platform provider Boxever explores how the Personalisation Maturity Curve will help you:

Work out where you are on your journey Identify steps to take to improve Understand how your...

The 2017 EMEA webinar benchmarks report

Webinars are the best tool we have to engage audiences and communicate information. Marketers use them to drive leads, generate pipeline, and nurture prospects through every stage of the buying cycle. But are we getting them right? This whitepaper from on24 assesses statistics across the entire lifecycle of a webinar to help assess what needs to be done to make webinars truly stand...