On-Demand Webinar: The power of ABM personalization: why and how to personalize at scale

The people who make up your target companies live and work in the same noisy digital environment as you. Put yourself in their shoes: unless your campaigns and content are perfectly tailored to address them and their challenges, you won’t get their attention.

Personalization done well can be a huge asset to ABM teams, particularly as we can’t rely on in-person events and meetings right now. Whether the goal is to grow revenues, drive spend efficiency, or reduce customer acquisition cost and churn, ABMers today really can’t afford not to get personal.

The problem? Applying personalization in a meaningful way has been challenging for a variety of reasons – getting the right resources, cross-functional collaboration, scaling effectively, and proving ROI.

Neha Rajesh at Temenos, Kathryn Williams at Punch!, and Karla Rivershaw at Turtl cover the challenges and benefits of personalization for account-based marketing in this exclusive on-demand webinar.

Watch this session you will learn:

• The case for personalization: why and how it works and how ABM teams are using personalization to scale their impact
• How to tackle the challenges to successful personalization at scale
• How to prove the value of ABM investments to the business

We caught up with our speakers after the live broadcast, to collect all their answers from our community – Please read our Q&A supplement  – Click here

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