The impact of Covid-19 on consumer and organisational behaviour: Putting the customer at the heart of marketing decisions

Consumer and organisational behaviours have changed rapidly in 2020, particularly with the global impact from Covid-19. Organisations that have the agility to identify these changes and get to know their customers again will prosper.

There is a high likelihood that both organisational and consumer behaviours will remain changed. However, the principles for providing an agile environment to put your customer at the heart of marketing decision making remain consistent.

Download this latest whitepaper from Go Ignite Consulting & Horsa, powered by Qlik to:

  1. Find a way to adapt and learn quickly through the smart and intelligent use of data, and feed decision making in a timely and relevant way
  2. Learn ow to provide an agile environment to help deliver a customer centric approach and to better use data for problem identification and solving 
  3. Help you predict the impact of marketing investments on sales 
  4. See how Customer Management Analytics can assist you in predicting what customers will buy, via what channel and store, and when
  5. Understand how to create an aggregated consistent and holistic representation of your customers

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