On-demand Webinar: Use Your Data – Building a Competitive Social Strategy Through a Data-Driven Culture

More than ever before, data has become the driving force of marketing strategy, tactics, and messaging, and it should lay at the heart of every decision you make. As third party cookies phase-out, brands need to think smarter about their audiences as they tackle the hyper-personalization today’s consumers require.

Indeed, delivering the best personalized content requires strong data-driven strategies and seamless omnichannel experiences to meet people where they are. But how can...

On-demand Webinar: Create Jaw-Dropping Virtual Events that Drive Results

Virtual and hybrid events are driving revenue goals, reaching broader audiences, and most importantly fulfilling the core desire of human connection. However, creating highly engaging experiences that people love is hard to do. Watch this webinar to unpack how the best brands in the world are leveraging virtual and hybrid events to deliver meaningful value, generate organic engagement, and wow every minute of the attendee experience.

Key Takeaways:

An “experience-first”...

On-demand Webinar: Closing the CX Gap

Watch this exclusive session from Mike Page, Head of UK and Nordics at Socialbakers and learn:

How to better connect brands and customers in a world of ever-changing customer expectations and behavioursThe newest trends in customer experienceOur top tips to rise to the...

On-Demand Webinar: Developing your digital estate with video

Building video into the online channels that make up your digital estate is the fastest way to communicate more effectively, convert at higher rates, and beat the competition for audience attention.

Digital and techy marketers should join Kathryn Rockwell to learn:

How your campaigns can convert more with video

How to best develop video into your estate

How to optimise each of your...

Guide to Video Marketing

What exactly is video marketing? It’s definitely not throwing a video on your homepage and calling it a day, or uploading everything you’ve ever made to YouTube. Going viral once doesn’t really count, either. Video marketing serves a much more specific purpose.

In this guide, we’ll show you what goes into video marketing and how you can start doing it successfully at your business. From building a comprehensive strategy to getting the most out of your video content, we...

Brand Affinity Marketing Playbook

As marketers, we know that consumers are loyal to certain brands because of emotion-based attractions. We rely so much on recommendations for products and services from friends, family, and co-workers, that building a reputable brand consumers can connect with is essential to not only growing sales, but also influencing how people speak about your business to others.

Building brand affinity has become a necessary strategy for most successful businesses. In the past, brand affinity...

On-demand Webinar: How has the global pandemic changed the influencer landscape – key trends that will shape influencer marketing post-COVID 19

This webinar will explore how during the global pandemic, content consumption behaviour has shifted significantly due to people are adapting to a new lifestyle.

Consumers are being more careful than ever, choosing who they listen to and where they shop. Influencer marketing provides brands with the opportunity to reach and engage audiences in ways which are meaningful and relevant to them and also building up a brand’s position as we start to enter a new phase.

So what...

On-demand Webinar: Headless-chicken Marketing – Why consumer-centric KPI setting is crucial to organisational success

An on-demand webinar exploring the challenges of building and working towards KPIs. Learning from Jhon's experience of how to build a KPI framework to achieve true marketing success.

Joining this live session you will learn:

• Why building and working towards KPIs by organisations is an integral part of their business success.• Reviewing the challenges to achieve results.• How to best build a KPI framework to achieve true marketing success.• Handy advice to move...

#DMWF Asia – On-demand Webinar: Exploring an Effective B2B Social Media Strategy

Watch this session on demand and learn:

How to define your marketing objectivesGenerating a healthy ROI from social mediaThe importance of building your brand and personas on social mediaCreating & managing a direct customer service tool through social channels

Expert panelists:

Kelvin Lee, Global Director of Social Media Experience, RefinitivMohit Gupta, Head of Marketing – Asia Pacific & Head of Social Media – Global, Corporate Bank, Deutsche BankTanvi...

#DMWF Europe: On-demand webinar – Consent Beyond Cookies: How You Can Authentically Build Audience Trust

There’s a lot of talk about consent and cookies these days, and for good reason. Privacy expectations are expanding, and browsers are moving away from third-party cookies. Capturing user consent is becoming increasingly important for marketers—not only to ensure you’re being compliant with data privacy laws, but also to boost your audiences’ experience and keep your customers’ best interests front-and-center.

Marketers can start to plan for consent beyond cookies to...