Why digital ad strategy needs a serious reboot in 2021

The start of 2021 has had its ups and downs, but it certainly hasn’t given businesses the hope of stability or the kick-start so many needed to start the year off on a high. In times like this, it’s easy to feel that everything is outside of your control, but the key to taking on the new year and grasping the opportunity ahead will be in the ability to spot what you can control.

Welcome to your new flagship store

Whether your business deals in goods or is service or...

What does Amazon’s Alexa For Hospitality mean for marketers?

The voice technology revolution is not just occurring within the home. Hotels, restaurants and the wider hospitality industry are rapidly adopting new tools and solutions to keep pace with the demands of modern consumers.  

The Best Western hotel chain, for instance, is expanding its partnership with Watson Ads on a series of artificial intelligence-powered interactive ad units that engage mobile users checking holiday destinations through The Weather Company. Once engaged in...

Consumer reviews – the powerful weapon driving customer acquisition

For consumers, trust matters.

There have been countless surveys that support the notion that online reviews are the number one most trusted source for accurate product information. Whether consumers are looking for bike or a restaurant to eat in, the opinions of other consumers are often the first port of call.  

Love them or hate them, consumer reviews are here to stay and how you manage your reviews strategy can have a significant impact on your brand reputation,...

Why your search results are the face of your brand


Today, due to the ubiquity of smartphones and their impact on consumer decision-making, location marketing is essential to how any business portrays itself to the world.

Nearly every search we do now returns maps and local results powered by diverse types of location data, from menus and product offerings to reviews and hours.

Your local search results are your brand in the eyes of the customer.

What this means is your brand is engaging in...