LinkedIn beefs up Sales Navigator for enterprise

LinkedIn beefs up Sales Navigator for enterprise
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LinkedIn has released an enterprise edition of its Sales Navigator tool.

The company hope that the new features, which it says is aimed at ‘high-functioning sales organisations’, will help businesses make use of Linkedin user data to create better leads.

As well as the new edition, LinkedIn has bolstered the already available professional and team editions.

There are three new features aimed at enterprises.

TeamLink Extend 

Previously, a company looking to create a good introduction to a lead would have to use their personal Linkedin connections, or use TeamLink.

TeamLink links together all of the networks of the Sales Navigator users in a company. The problem is that a salesperson is unlikely to be connected to all of their colleagues, which leads to gaps and potential missed opportunities.

The new TeamLink Extend feature allows any employee of an organisation to add their network to the pool of contacts in Sales Navigator, allowing for higher possibilities of personal introductions to leads.

PointDrive integration

LinkedIn acquired PointDrive in 2016 and now it is integrating it into Sales Navigator.

PointDrive provides a way for assets and content materials to be packaged up in a way that is rendered for mobile or desktop. What this means in practice is that sales people no longer have to send long lists of attachments in their emails to clients and prospects.

Instead, all of presentations, case data and sales data is presented at a single link which opens in the right order and consumption can then be tracked and monitored by the sender.

Enhanced CRM integration

The last new feature relates to how businesses can log their Sales Navigator data with the company’s CRM.
Previously, this logging had to be done manually.

The new feature allows users to record their Sales Navigator activities into their CRM with a mouse click. There will also be a range of CRM widgets available to allow users to view various aspects of their prospects LinkedIn profiles.

Sales Navigator Enterprise Edition is available now.

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