Video: Why personalise your campaigns?

Tim Redgate is founder of EchoMany, which delivers hyper-personalised video campaigns for the world’s biggest brands, such as 20th Century Fox, L’Oréal, Santander, Sky TV and Cancer Research. It utilises social data and intent-based conversations to provide one-to-one marketing and advertising creative that capitalises on real-time audience engagement to amplifies campaign messages.

We all know that video has become a key part of the marketing ecosystem – recent IAB statistics reveal mobile video is the fastest growing ad format, up 103% year-on-year.

In addition, data from YouGov shows that in the last six months, 54% of British smartphone users watched video clips on their phone, with two-in-five of these saying they do more of this than a year ago.

As such, brands can no longer ignore the opportunities that video offers them to engage with their customers.

The current state of personalisation

Some brands are rightly cautious of being too intrusive with their personalisation efforts and so tend to use contextualisation and segmentation. Take for example using recommendations based on purchase history; these are really false uses of personalisation.

This is something brands should be doing anyway as part of their targeting and customer relationship management efforts. Instead, true personalisation is meaningful, one-to-one engagement that delivers a unique, real-time experience for each customer.

Why personalise?

In a digital world, every action we take leaves a digital footprint. As such, marketers have a plethora of information about how consumers live. Consumers are aware of how the use of personal data is growing and will pull away from a brand if they feel mass-marketed to.

This means marketers need to meet this consumer expectation with true personalisation. True personalisation offers the opportunity to increase a brand’s reach and engagement with customers who are already engaged, in an innovative way, on the platforms they are already using e.g. Facebook, Messenger and Twitter.

A roaring success for Honda

In March, we launched a campaign with Honda (UK) Motorcycles to promote the launch of their all-new Fireblade model, to drive footfall into dealerships and build engagement with Honda’s audience.

The four-week campaign offered the chance to win a Honda Fireblade (worth more than £15,000) by encouraging audiences to upload a selfie with one of the Fireblades displayed at an official Honda dealer, using the hashtag #FirebladeSelfie.

The two-way conversation utilised user data and photos to deliver a personalised ‘good luck’ video. The multi-layered campaign was supported by media spend on Facebook and Twitter, as well as through Honda’s owned media and CRM.

The campaign achieved its aim of driving visitors to engage with Honda dealerships across the UK, with over 1,400 selfies taken at dealerships and over 100 test rides booked. As of today, the Honda Fireblade has nearly sold out across the UK.

Honda also wanted to encourage fans to share content across their social channels, to ensure maximum reach and engagement. Over 4,640 personalised videos were created for Honda’s social platforms leading to:

  • 5,900 new followers over the campaign – a 136% increase versus an average month
  • 91.5% increase in engagement over the campaign period with over 38,000 engagements

With the average Twitter engagement rate for top brands lying at 0.07% per tweet, EchoMany’s average video engagement on Twitter was 11.85% for Honda’s campaign.

Ultimately, brands have historically engaged with customers by utilising data and whilst this does offer the opportunity to segment the audience, it does not go far enough today.

Considering personalised video at the outset of a marketing campaign will ensure brands can add deeper interactions and deliver a truly personalised digital engagement.

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