LinkedIn reaches 500 million users

LinkedIn reaches 500 million users
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LinkedIn has announced that its global membership has now reached half a billion.

The social network for professionals has also revealed that London is the most connected city in the world.

Membership spreads over 200 countries, 10 million active jobs, 9 million companies and around 100,000 articles published weekly.

To celebrate the milestone, the network has released some data about its usership.

Most connected countries

1. United Arab Emirates

2. Netherlands

3. Singapore

4. United Kingdom

5. Denmark

Most connected places

1. London, UK

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

3. San Francisco USA

4. Jakarta Area, Indonesia

5. Milan, Italy  

Most connected industries

1. staffing and recruitment

2. venture capital and private equity  

3. human resources  

4. management consulting  

5. online media  

Most connected jobs

1. human resources

2. product management   

3. business development  

4. marketing  

5. consulting  

“Taking small, simple, regular steps to feed and grow your professional network will help you accelerate your career, whether that means landing a new job, climbing the ladder at your current organisation or switching industries,” said LinkedIn’s Darain Faraz.

“Every single connection you make opens up an average of 400 new people that you could get introduced to and build relationships with, taking you one step closer to reaching your career goals.” 

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