Can bots help marketers connect with consumers more effectively?

Can bots help marketers connect with consumers more effectively?
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If you stay up to date with martech news, you’ve most likely seen bots getting their time in the spotlight. While it’s too early to say that they are taking over social media, it’s clear that they’re opening doors especially for consumer brands and B2B companies.

Bots are a big potential opportunity and if their mechanisms keep evolving, that may begin to impact everyday life.

For those who don’t know what bots are, here is a short definition: Essentially, they are programs pretending to be people that you can communicate with by text or voice message.

You can interact with them using Facebook Messenger, the same way you would talk with any other contact from your list – to get advice, search for daily news or order food.

The software is designed to automate all kinds of tasks and is supported by artificial intelligence. Here are some of the cases for the use of bots and the way they can be used to improve a company’s performance.

Bots’ roles in customer service

Improving customer service is essential to long-term success. Along with technological progress, consumer expectations are constantly changing. Marketers who decide to stick to their old strategies without trying to implement a change will most likely be left behind by the competitors.

Bots powered by AI may bring about a revolution by making the work easier for buyers, as well as marketers.

We are still in the early days of the automated bot revolution, but as the adoption progress emerges it may change the way most companies perform

Their greatest asset is saving time and money within the call center. Additionally, they can hold dozens of different one-to-one conversations at the same time. While the bots will take care of technical and repetitive tasks, marketers will gain more time for creative and analytic performance.

That will enable companies to serve their customers better by providing high-quality solutions.

An intelligent, fully automated customer experience provides great opportunities to the eCommerce and advertising industries. Bots can be a personal shopping assistant by helping in how to find the style a shopper likes and present specific products.

Buyers can also set a price point they’re willing to spend, so the bot can better adjust its offer. The business process, in terms of sales and customer service, can be fully automated. Bots can recommend a product, check an order status, offer discount coupons, get customer’s feedback, handle complaint procedure – all that thanks to artificial intelligence and its learning capability.

A great asset of bot implementation is real-time support. Giving consumers what they want, when they want is an approach which must be applied. Relevant social presence and full-time interaction with consumers is extremely important and cannot be forgotten.

What about automation?

Advanced tech lets companies use more and more automation processes while interacting with consumers. Ever-expanding marketing automation platforms have been able to adjust an offer to the customer for quite some time, but now they can do much more than that.  

For example, today they can automate a chat with a user through Facebook Messenger.

That way, new tools can enrich a consumer’s individual behavioral profile in marketing automation software with valuable data from observation on all available channels such as Facebook, mobile, desktop or call center.

According to research, teenagers very often choose to communicate by chat, since it’s a simple and mobile way. This is why this channel cannot be ignored as a method to communicate with a client.

Basically, bots in marketing automation provide more data to the software. That means marketers can personalize their message to the consumer, meeting their needs and saving time for each side of the process.

Saved time may be used to enhance the company’s performance – to implement new solutions, support users and engage them in social media channels, which builds brand trust.

Personalisation has a great significance since it reinforces eCommerce branding messages. It is important to remember, that messages’ key is to satisfy the consumer applying appropriate content, products and services.

As you can see, the possibilities of bots are enormous. The technology of a human – robot interaction has a great potential which in fact may overtake apps soon.

Some of their most significant assets are the installation process, which takes seconds, and an intelligent personal assistant who is infinitely patient.

What’s more, the navigation is easy and comfortable. We are still in the early days of the automated bot revolution, but as the adoption progress emerges it may change the way most companies perform – and that’s what we may witness very soon.

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