Back to basics: Quick ways to grow your email subscriber list

Back to basics: Quick ways to grow your email subscriber list
Steven Ledgerwood is managing director UK at Emarsys.

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One of the most important jobs of a marketing manager is to curate an email database – and this is not an easy task. How can you be sure it’s up to date and that you are using it effectively?

Most importantly, how can you encourage more people to subscribe?

Unfortunately, a lone opt-in box on your website won’t be enough. To significantly expand your email list, you’ll need to incorporate and encourage sign-ups across all of your marketing, social strategies, and content.

Here are some simple ways to help you attract and persuade new subscribers to sign-up and expand your email list.

Make your opt-in form stand out

Is your sign-up form only on your home page? Try placing it on the most visited pages of your website and encourage sign-ups at every stage of your visitor’s journey.

Make sure it’s not hidden or buried in a corner. To really attract attention to it, think about using a light-box or pop-over, especially for new visitors, and this will attract more sign-ups.

Highlight the perks of signing up

Exclusive sales, new product launches and special limited-invite events are all ways to lure more people onto your email list.

If your prospects understand the benefits of signing up and see that your messages are relevant to them, the chances for getting the subscriptions you want increase exponentially.

Offer giveaway or special promotions

Offer customers giveaways and promotions that are only available if they sign up via email.

Be clear that you will only send potential subscribers relevant information and that you will never sell or share their personal data

This could be an exclusive discount for new subscribers, previews of products about to be launched, quirky behind-the-scenes content or a giveaway that they simply can’t get anywhere else.

Make sure you use all of your social touch points, from Facebook to YouTube, to promote these special offers.

Share buttons are essential

Make sure sharing buttons are included and visible in all emails. This will encourage your existing email list to share with their networks using social sharing buttons and a ‘forward to a friend’ button.

To make sure this translates into new opt-ins to your email list, add a Subscribe link at the bottom of your emails and make it very clear and simple for someone to sign up if an email was shared with them.

Give a hint of whats to come

A sneak peak or sample of what a subscriber will get from joining your email list is a surefire way to get them to opt-in – if the content is interesting.

Provide an example of your newsletter or show them what type of communication or email they can expect to receive from you.

Create options to suit different needs

Ask potential subscribers what type and frequency of communication would suit them best. By choosing one option over another, they are giving you valuable information about what they want to receive and how often.

These choices might include emails relating to daily offers or events, or a weekly newsletter with the latest information on products. Let them decide.

Dont put them off by asking too many questions

Keep your sign-up form as concise as possible and only ask for essential information.

Be reassuring about your anti-spam policy

Be clear that you will only send potential subscribers relevant information and that you will never sell or share their personal data.

Reinvigorate old contacts with an opt-in campaign

We would never advocate keeping old or stale contacts in the email database, but before deleting them, one more email to ascertain whether they do still want to hear from you won’t hurt.

You can send out an ‘opt back in email’ and the results will help to ensure your list is bang up to date.

Call them to action through your blogs and social media

Your blog posts, pictures and YouTube videos are valuable content that attracts attention. Make sure to include a subscribe link and strong call to action on every piece of content that you are publicising.

It’s all well and good growing your list, but once you get to where you want to be don’t forget that to keep people engaged, you need to deliver meaningful, relevant content.

Pay attention to what your subscribers want and customise your content accordingly.

Smart marketing platforms that deliver accurate insights on your customer’s profile and can automate the messages you want to share with your audience can be invaluable tools and save you a lot of time.

This is time that you can then dedicate to better understand your customers and devise strategies for garnering their loyalty and boosting your sales. 

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