Businesses need to look again at online video platforms, Forrester says

Businesses need to look again at online video platforms, Forrester says
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Businesses need to be doing much more to embrace the opportunities offered by video, according to a new report from Forrester.

It suggests that businesses who think that having a YouTube channel is enough for a brand are wrong and that companies must adopt online video platforms (OVPs) to help deliver engaging, interactive and personalised experiences to their customers.

In the report, Forrester’s Vendor Landscape: Online Video Platforms for Sales and Marketing, the company explains that whilst the roots of OVPs are in serving media and broadcasting companies in streaming media assets online their role has expanded to include online sales and marketing operations too.

“Video is an important component in each step of the customer journey,” said Nick Barber, application development and delivery analyst with Forrester.

“Brand videos fit into the discover phase while product demonstrations are important in the buy segment. User generated content and personalised videos fit into each stage of the process and OVPs support and enable them,” he said.

Having an OVP in place helps in each part of a strategy according to Barber since they help to organise content, automate distribution, execute adaptive streaming (delivering the best quality stream to the relevant device) and to help uncover trends through analytics.

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