Mobile’s always present consumer role illustrated by new survey

Mobile’s always present consumer role illustrated by new survey
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The integral role of the mobile phone in everyday life has been highlighted by a new survey that says that 99% of Brits would return home if they had forgotten their mobile to pick it up. It also showed that more than half (52%) of consumers regularly walked around with their mobile phone in their hand – illustrating its power as an easily accessible direct channel to consumers for marketers.

In a poll by Nationwide Building Society 2,000 consumers were surveyed to find out what they used their mobile for and how vital a role it played in their lives.

It showed that the mobile has replaced a number of electronic and paper items for many. 42% said that their mobile had replaced their landline, 29% their watch, 22% their diary and for 14% their home computers. For 6% of users it had also replaced their wallet.

Mobile payments

The survey showed that nearly a third (32%) of UK consumers had used their mobile phone to make a payment – with most users doing so once or twice a day.

The huge presence of contactless payment options in London – particularly for travel – meant that Londoners were the biggest users of mobile payments with more than double the average (62%) using their mobile to make payments.

Nearly half of consumers (49%) said that the most important factor when making a payment was security whilst more than half (55%) said access to the latest mobile payment technology was important and just over a quarter (26%) said they were willing to change their mobile phone in order to be able to use the latest payment methods.

Nationwide become one of the first in the UK to adopt Android Pay this week.

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