Marketing moving ahead of IT in software spend decision making

Marketing moving ahead of IT in software spend decision making
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It used to be the domain of the IT manager, but new research suggests that two thirds of marketing managers are now making the call on purchasing new marketing software.

The study, by digital transformation business Squiz, seems to show that both marketing manager and IT manager agree that the shift in decision making has needed to happen with only 45% saying that they believed that such a purchase decision lay with the IT manager.

When it comes to where marketers are investing, the report shows that marketing automation software tops the list – with a 92% increase since last year and a further 83% of marketing respondents saying they are using a CMS platform. More than three quarters (77%) are using analytics platforms and 62% are using some form of CRM platform.

Integration of platforms is a key priority for almost one fifth (19%) of marketing managers surveyed, something that is likely to be a result of the splintered and siloed tech platforms that many marketers have to contend with. However, the study also showed that a third (34%) of respondents said that they have the basics done in terms of integrating martech platforms.

Despite the move to better integration of platforms more than half (52%) of respondents said that budget was the biggest obstacle they face in doing so as each year they are asked to do more with less cash.

Stephen Morgan, co-founder of Squiz, said that marketing and IT managers were beginning to understand the importance of integrated systems. “Whilst there has been the tendency in the past for marketers to acquire the latest and greatest technologies without much thought for how it will sync up with other platforms, this is changing. The fact that over half of Marketers now describe their relationship with IT as ‘collaborative’ exemplifies how they are determined to work together with their tech counterparts to build and implement integrated platforms that serve the customer best,” he said.

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