Address email fraud before it damages brand reputation, Return Path warns

Address email fraud before it damages brand reputation, Return Path warns
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New research from Return Path looks at the impact for brands and marketers when email fraud isn’t addressed properly.

Phishing: The cost of doing nothing for marketers looks at how phishing and spoofing attacks affect consumer trust, email campaign performance and marketing ROI.

The research shows that engagement takes a hit when email accounts are breached, with average read rates dropping by up to 18 percentage points in Gmail and 11 percentage points in Yahoo.

In addition, average inbox placement rates dropped by up to 10 percentage points in Gmail and 7 percentage points in Yahoo.

But how will you even know if you’ve been affected? It’s probably something that falls under the remit of the IT department, which is reflected in the research stats which show 76% of respondents have no visibility into email attacks on their brand.

While Google and Microsoft are looking at tackling the issue of companies who don’t address email security properly, this is something marketers also need to sit up and pay attention to, Return Path said, as consumers who see warning signs are less likely to engage with the brand in future.

“The immediate cost of phishing is staggering, but the bigger impact comes from loss of trust,” said VP of marketing, email fraud protection at Return Path Estelle Derouet.

“If your brand reputation is damaged by email fraud, customers won’t open your emails and mailbox providers may not deliver your messages to the inbox. When that happens, you’ve lost a revenue opportunity—both now and in the future.”

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