CMOs are gearing up to change their digital platforms

CMOs are gearing up to change their digital platforms
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The majority of CMOs plan to invest in their digital platforms over the next year, according to new research.

While this may not come as an all-out shock to those in the marketing industry, it’s very good news for digital vendors – as a further 20% of CMOs said they want to invest straight away. 

WordPress hosting provider WP Engine recently quizzed senior marketing decision makers on their pressure points and strategy around digital platforms for the year ahead. 

And the survey relflects an ever-increasing conversation about cybersecurity and data happening right now: 89% of CMOs said a secure, scalable digital platform is central to helping them reach marketing and business goals. 

Of course, where there’s change, there’s challenge – particularly in larger organisations. 

The challenges

The main ones for CMOs when shaking things up wtih their digital platforms vary from user experience (48%) to scalability (36%) to in-house technical expertise (33%). 

And there are always elements of a particular platform – as with any product – that will make you choose one over the other. Price, surprisingly, isn’t always the biggest deal breaker. 

Integration was the biggest factor on chief marketer’s plates, followed by market share (38%). It appears that if a digital platform sits well with customers, integrates into the business seamlessly and appeals to the in-house expertise already available, then it’s on to a winner.

Above all, there’s an overarching theme of simplicity – so while marketers want to change digital platforms, they’re not looking to upset the apple cart altogether with either their customers or within the business. 

Desire for simplicity: Unsurprising

A man with some interesting thoughts around this is Fabio Torlini managing director, EMEA at WP Engine. He said the desire for simplicity is indeed not surprising – and that the year ahead promises to be a tipping point for CMOs.

“No senior marketer should rest on their laurels of a previous successful investment. CMOs need to make smart, strategic decisions that will have a direct impact on their business ROI. Our research suggests that the answer to achieving this lies in ensuring that secure, scalable digital platforms are in place. If marketers can simplify these and deliver relevant, seamless multi-platform communications to customers, they will be set to lead the way in a digital era.

“This is especially important in today’s climate as the consumerisation of technology has meant that marketers play a totally different role to their predecessors. After all, it’s most likely that a customer will engage with a brand digitally via social channels or the website, before any human-communication takes place,” he told MarketingTechNews. 

And a solid content management system is always going to feature highly on marketer’s list of requirements. Around 40% of those surveyed said they used WordPress as their CMS – then again, it does have around 60% of the overall CMS market share in any case. 

Are you thinking of investing in your digital platform? What are your biggest challenges?

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