Brands warned: Deliver more relevant mobile advertising or lose engagement

Brands warned: Deliver more relevant mobile advertising or lose engagement
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Mobile advertising has long been in a tricky position – advertisers love it since it delivers the message on the go directly into the consumers’ hands but consumers often view it as intrusive, annoying and overpowering. Getting the right mobile advertising strategy is critical – especially since a new report suggests the need for advertisers to deliver more creative and relevant mobile advertising is more important than ever. Those advertisers that fail to take heed risk losing the engagement of the very consumers they are trying to target if not.

The report, Mobile & Me, from Quantcast, studied the mobile behaviours and preferences of consumers in the UK, France and Germany and showed that on mobile especially tolerance of irrelevant messaging was low.

It showed that more than a third (37%) of consumers expect adverts received on their mobile phone to be more relevant than that received on other devices. The study also showed that more than half (59%) of consumers would be more accepting of mobile advertising if it was relevant to them. 40% of those surveyed said that they wished that mobile advertising was more creative.

The figures were even higher amongst younger consumers who are more mobile savvy than their older peers. It showed that whilst a third would be more likely to purchase from a brand that only showed them relevant advertising this number rose to 43% amongst 16 to 34 year olds. Similarly, a third of consumers said that they would be more influenced by better creativity in mobile ads, jumping to nearly half (48%) for 16 to 34 year olds.

“By 2018, more time will be spent accessing the Internet on mobile devices than on all other devices combined,” said Matt White, UK managing director for Quantcast. “For advertisers, connecting with consumers while they are on their mobile phones is becoming a must-do, not a nice to do. But what our research shows is that the majority of brands are currently missing the mark with their mobile ads.

“There is a huge pool of potential buyers behind those screens, but brands need to act now and appropriately engage with the mobile-generation by putting relevancy and creativity at the centre of their mobile strategies,” he added.

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