Case study: LuckyFish Games wins big with Facebook Custom Audience Campaigns

Case study: LuckyFish Games wins big with Facebook Custom Audience Campaigns
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Finding the killer retention marketing channel is the dream of any marketer but last year retention automation platform Optimove claimed it had just done just that after its integration with Facebook Custom Audiences. And results since from a partnership with casino games developer LuckyFish Games shows just how powerful such an alliance can be, the company claims.

By integrating Facebook Custom Audiences Optimove claims LuckyFish games was able to run highly effective player marketing and retention campaigns that saw big results. Using Optimove LuckyFish was able to automate personalised Facebook campaigns to granular Custom Audience lists, automatically updated each day.

Previously LuckyFish had been doing limited campaigns via Facebook Custom Audiences following basic customer segmentation. However it was doing data analysis and customer list uploads manually and needed a more efficient way to scale and automate the Facebook marketing operations as well as better measure and evaluate the effectiveness of such campaigns.

The Optimove solutions allowed the LuckyFish customer database to be segmented daily, allowing the marketing team to run Facebook campaigns that target numerous individual player personas with highly focused messaging. This has allowed for 70% of the entire player database to be targeted via Facebook campaigns and led to some impressive results in the first three months with deposit rates 2.7 times higher and deposit amounts 2.2 times higher, especially as the marketing team was able to push players to higher value personas, based on the software’s value-based segmentation.

Scalability of campaign runs has also been key with a threefold increase in the number of campaigns executed via Facebook.

“Optimove has enabled us to dramatically increase the scale and effectiveness of our Facebook marketing campaigns, through intelligent, data-driven campaign automation and optimisation,” said Lee Cohen, vice president of marketing for LuckyFish Games. 


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