Mobile messaging vital for customer engagement and marketing

Mobile messaging vital for customer engagement and marketing
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Mobile messaging still provides one of the most effective channels for marketing compared to email, new research has revealed. As such enterprises are increasingly using mobile messaging in order to improve customer engagement, the study found.

The report, Why Enterprises Use Mobile Messaging, from enterprise mobile engagement specialist OpenMarket, pulls together data from OpenMarket research and independent mobile technology reports.

Click through rates for SMS marketing messages are nearly 1 in 5 (20%) compared to only 2% for email whilst read rates are almost universal – at 98% compared to email at 20%.  When it comes to mobile surveys, often used to support marketing campaigns, the mobile channel also works better with response rates of 20%. This is twice as high as phone polls and five times higher than online questionnaires. And when it comes to redemption of loyalty coupons, another important marketing tool for customer engagement, the mobile channel also wins, with redemption ten times that of print coupons.

The research shows that customers are increasingly trusting of mobile messaging for customer service and satisfaction, especially within the younger demographic. More than three quarters (77%) of customers have a positive perception of a company they can text and they are also using the channel heavily for customer service with nearly two-thirds (64%) preferring to use texting rather than voice communication for customer service.

This is also helping to reduce call volumes and handling for businesses too whilst also improving service with businesses experiencing a 20% decrease in customer call volumes and a 25% increase in customer satisfaction when using SMS.


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