SAP claims to reinvent CRM with new product portfolio launch

SAP claims to reinvent CRM with new product portfolio launch
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SAP has this week announced plans to unveil a new portfolio of SAP hybris tools that it claims will help businesses transform their customer relationships through simpler and yet more detailed connectivity to the customer.

The first of the trio of new products, SAP hybris Profile Solution, will the company claims, allow all customer interactions, contexts and behaviours to be captured to then create a continually evolving and dynamic profile of the customer that will allow businesses to enable real-time, one to one customer engagement across all touchpoints and improving customer experience as a result.

The company is also launching SAP hybris Customer Experience – a software solution that it says is the next-generation, responsive omnichannel content management system of the future which again promises to better contextualise the customer journey, thereby improving experience as a result.

The third new announcement in the portfolio is the SAP hybris as a Service product offering, a planned SAP hybris front office which will run on the SAP Hana Cloud platform to enable innovation in the cloud and integration with SAP hybris applications.

“Companies can no longer rely on the costly, siloed systems of yesterday to engage with their customers who are savvy, multidevice digital natives,” said Bill McDermott, CEO of SAP SE. “They want their needs understood and met — right now and every time. Legacy cloud-based CRM technologies create business complexity because their foundations predate the rise of social media and mobility.

“Companies today need innovative, integrated solutions that simplify the front office, making them easy to do business with and fostering greater customer engagement,” he said.


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