Are your email marketing campaigns matching up to the industry standard?

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An industry benchmark report from email marketing provider has found open rates at nearly a quarter across all campaigns analysed and an increase in 17 sectors across 2014, with click rates declining at a small rate.

While overall opens hit 24.45%, mean click through rates were at 3.13% and unsubscribes at 0.55%, with median click through rates at 2.36%, and median opens at 24.22%. Mobile opens, at 53.9%, has overtaken the desktop.

Yet the devil is in the detail; the public sector saw the highest opens (36.89%) and clicks (11.03%), while the lowest click through rates fell to sales and marketing (1.67%), restaurants (1.80%), events (1.91%) and B2B sales (1.93%). The fashion industry (17.14%) was least likely to open emails, followed by eCommerce (18.61%) and sales and marketing (19.44%).

The biggest upward movers for open rates in the report were legal, HR/recruitment and events services, while the biggest downward movers were restaurants, eCommerce and B2B services. In all, 17 sectors saw an increase in open rate from 2014, and seven sectors saw an increase in click-through rate from 2014. gives a few tips as to the best strategies for increasing click-through:

  • Don’t include too many links – make life easier for your readers to engage
  • If you have a call to action, make it clear what it is – if you’re unsure, try a split-test
  • Even if click-throughs aren’t a primary objective, relevance is the key to engagement

It’s always difficult when a customer unsubscribes from your service. The highest score in the report was legal (1.22%), followed by sales and marketing (0.91%) and property (0.8%). recommends companies check their data to ensure they’re using it in the right day, make sure they assess the trend of unsubscribes, whether it’s one off or a regular occurrence, as well as again preaching relevance – if your reader has cared enough to open it, then something went badly wrong if they unsubscribed.

You can find the full report here.

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