New personalisation tool delivers four times ROI for Ellis Brigham

New personalisation tool delivers four times ROI for Ellis Brigham
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Despite personalisation being identified as the top digital priority for 2015, in a report from Econsultancy earlier this year Katie Latham, CEO of Blue Bridge Solutions, says too many businesses are still failing to offer a personalised experience and are losing out on sales as a result.

“Most consumers can still cite fairly frequent instances where they are delivered a non-personalised experience.  We talk to retailers on a daily basis and the majority understand the importance of personalisation but seem to have chosen just one customer touchpoint to personalise – ie email. Instead the key to effective personalisation is omnichannel personalisation – personalising in a seamless way across all customer touchpoints,” she says.

Latham cites the example of outdoor retailer Ellis Brigham who is using Persomi, a new personalisation tool that was initially launched by her company in beta last autumn with a number of customers but has since developed in V1.0 which has been used by Ellis Brigham to begin the company’s personalisation journey this year.

“Persomi is tracking each customer’s interactions with their website daily.  For example today alone there were more than 40,000 actions tracked from 1,500 visitors. This insight is coupled with historic insight and used to deliver personalised banners, offers, product advice and pop ups to each customer based on the customer’s interactions with their website.  Personalised banners have been proven to obtain 7-20 times higher clickthrough rates than generic banners,” she says.

And the rollout – which is still in its early stages since its functionality has only been tested so far on a small portion of the site is already paying dividends having generated additional sales directly attributed to Persomi campaigns equal to four times the monthly Persomi software fee for the period of 1 April to 31 May of this year.

Indeed the campaigns included £4,328 of winter clothing sales attributed to a banner highlighting sales over a two week period as well as a competition pop-up that captured the data of first time non purchasing visitors to the website at point of exit.

Zak Hood, Ellis Brigham’s ecommerce manager, said he was pleased with the initial results: “The first two months of using Persomi have been very encouraging, particularly given the fact that we’ve only tested part of its functionality on a small section of the website. We’re looking forward to achieving even greater results as we start to utilise it in more depth across the whole site.”

Extra functionality to be introduced soon will include more of the web features such as product recommendations and personalised landing pages based on search; plus email and SMS functionality.


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