Marketers risk omni-channel success by overlooking mobile retargeting

Marketers risk omni-channel success by overlooking mobile retargeting
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Mobile might be a priority in the social and search marketing channels, but there are still a high proportion of display advertisers choosing to keep it at arm’s length.

In research conducted as part of its State of the Industry: Europe report, AdRoll discovered a 44% demographic of marketers who are still refusing to use retargeted display advertising on mobile.

It is a worrying statistic given the omni-channel opportunities that mobile offers marketers and Michael Bertaut, the EMEA managing director of AdRoll, revealed to Marketing Tech that they could be hurting their business by avoiding mobile.

“With users spending more time than ever on mobile devices, marketers who don’t use mobile retargeting are very often missing out on prime opportunities to re-engage with their targeted audience,” he said.

User experience issues

Marketers’ reasons for sidestepping mobile are not the most watertight either, with 36% questioning its user experience. Another 27% provided the excuse that they did not have an app, while 23% still do not have a mobile site.

A 20% minority rank mobile and cross-device marketing as the hottest topic in retargeting. Whereas 36% of marketers consider social media retargeting to be the hottest topic, due to it producing a 15% higher conversion according to the study.

Retargeting is becoming more widely adopted by marketers, though. Adroll reports that 64% plan to increase their budget in 2015 and 39% already spend 25-50% of their entire online ad budget on this flavour of display advertising.

There are also gains to be made when using regargeting as part of a wider multi-channel campaign. Almost three quarters (74%) witnessed a lift in search campaigns and 68% turbocharged email marketing with its help.

Brand awareness

Gone are the days when clicks were the main reason for advertisers to initiate banner campaigns. Some 60% rank brand awareness as their top retargeting objective, seeing it as more important than driving sales (57%) and customer retention (51%).

Bertaut believes it is this realisation that has made retargeting all the more successful for marketers as they chase the goals of their multi-channel campaigns.

“Retargeting has moved from a niche tactic to a critical tool for turning data into successful strategies, helping marketers meet every marketing goal from driving sales to keeping your brand top of mind for audiences.”

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