Report reveals how retail is lagging on mobile opt-in rates

Report reveals how retail is lagging on mobile opt-in rates
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Retail marketers need to do more to engage their customers in the mobile experience, according to a new report released by Urban Airship. The study, which looks at how consumers engage via mobile and apps, shows that of six industries analysed retail saw the steepest decline with average opt-in rates dropping from 46% to 37% year on year.

The report claims to be the industry’s largest study into notification opt-in rates and spans nearly 3,000 apps and 100 billion push notifications, sent to more than 500 million users during 2014.

Analysing rates across industry the research showed that high-performing apps see notification opt-in rates of above 50%, whilst multiple industries are above 70%. Medium performing apps have an average opt-in rate of 43%. The latter figure is slightly down on 2013 when the figure was 45% following analysis of six industry verticals and more than 1,000 apps in the Good Push Index.

Brett Caine, president and CEO of Urban Airship said businesses must define and refine their mobile engagement strategies if they want to deliver a great brand experience. “As more and more apps turn to notifications for 4X greater engagement and 2X greater retention, it’s natural users will become more selective about which apps they allow to send push notifications,” he said.

And it’s a channel that cannot be ignored, he said. “There’s no other business-to-consumer communications channel that, on average and across every industry, achieves at least one-third of the audience opting in. However, the delta between average and high-performing apps is massive and will only become more important as marketers seek to extend mobile experiences to Apple Watch and the Internet of Things.”

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