New study claims retailers believe they offer better service online rather than instore

New study claims retailers believe they offer better service online rather than instore
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With the ability to interact with customers face to face stores should be the epitome of customer service, yet a new survey suggests that it is online that is winning the battle for great customer service.

The survey found that 75% of retailers believe their customers receive the best service online – whether through website, mobile or app – compared to only 25% believing the best customer service comes from instore.

Commissioned by Dyn the survey, of 300 IT executives across 11 countries, is at odds with the company’s consumer research, published last month, that suggested only 37% of consumers felt they had the best service and overall experience online.

The latest survey results shows that for 75% of UK retailers online sales represent at least half of their total 2014 revenue whilst for a third it represented more than three quarters of total revenue. The vast majority – 96% – expect their online sales to increase at least 25% this year whilst half expect online sales will increase by 50%.

A third of UK retailers said that half of their online sales in 2014 were via mobile.  The survey also showed that more than two thirds of retailers said that between a quarter and half of their sales originate from other countries.

Retailers need to improve their customer experience further – particularly when it comes to website performance. However the survey also showed that retailers were investing heavily with 68% investing in mobile app development, 58% in web and mobile traffic acceleration and 44% on geolocation capabilities.

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