John Lewis named most ‘collaborative’ UK brand, survey shows

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Research published today by domain .wiki has revealed that John Lewis is the most collaborative UK internet brand, ahead of Google, Apple and Marks & Spencer.

The news comes amidst John Lewis’ 150th birthday celebrations, and found that half of consumers believe there is ‘little to no opportunity’ for interaction with their favourite brands.

The survey, conducted by .wiki in conjunction with YouGov, took the opinions of 2,455 UK adults and 1,220 US adults – and didn’t come to especially conclusive results. Half of consumers bemoan the lack of opportunity to collaborate with brands, while a similar number (52% of US respondents, 48% of UK) hold a better perception of brands that allows their customer base to collaborate in campaigns.

However 36% of UK consumers and 38% of US want more say in the promotions brands offer.

A prime example of collaboration would be mobile network Three with its widely acclaimed ‘Dance Pony Dance’ campaign, with consumers actively encouraged to create their own versions of the advert to share through the PonyMixer.

“Consumers and businesses alike have long recognised the power and potential that the Internet has to improve the products and services businesses offer, creating a better two-way dialogue between customers and their favourite brands,” said Ray King, CEO at Top Level Design, creators of .wiki.

He added: “In reality, this research shows that most consumers feel that the opportunity to collaborate with most companies they love still doesn’t yet exist.”

John Lewis has been frequently praised for its social and brand image, and this latest report continues that trend. Back in October, the retailer was named the best high street brand in terms of social compatibility by RadiumOne, while the ‘Bear and the Hare’ Christmas advert was named the second most popular YouTube advert in the UK for 2013.

The research also revealed that around a fifth of consumers (18% US, 14% UK) would like to collaborate with brands over product usage guidance, while a similar number (22% US, 15% UK) want a communication channel for future technologies their favourite brands offer.

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