Five minute guide to a bulk SMS campaign

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There is a huge market for businesses using SMS messaging as part of their marketing campaigns. There are several benefits to incorporating it into the current marketing schedule and a bulk SMS campaign can give you positive results whilst being easy to implement.

How do these campaigns work and what benefits will they bring to your business?

Know your market

One of the first things you need to know is the market that you are trying to reach. You should establish this before you even start thinking about what information your messages will contain. The people you are trying to reach will determine what you actually put into the messages, so do your homework and figure out what it is that your customers want.

The benefit of doing this is that you won’t end up sending targeted messages to customers who aren’t interested in what you have to say. You may find that – through your research – you end up with several different lists of customers who have varying interests, known as ‘segmentation’. You can then create separate campaigns for these lists, ensuring that everyone receives communication that is tailored to their individual preferences. By doing this, you may lower the chances of customers choosing to opt-out or unsubscribe, because they will be happy with the messages they are receiving.


It goes without saying that if you want to incorporate bulk SMS messaging into your marketing campaigns, you should outsource it to a company like Text Local, which specialises in this area. With their help, you will be able to send out the messages at optimal, set times which will best suit your intended recipients. This is ideal if you have a global campaign and want to reach people in different countries.

Similarly, these sorts of companies will take the hassle out of your campaign, leaving you free to decide what you want the messages to say rather than worrying about how you’re going to get the details into a system that will automatically send the bulk SMS.

Financial considerations

Marketing campaigns can cost a lot of money, particularly if you already have a large number of customers on your database. When it comes to getting in contact with them, there are a number of ways you can do this and some of them can work out to be considerably more expensive than others.

Marketing material that needs to be printed out and sent through the post is incredibly costly and time-consuming. There is also a risk that it won’t be received by the customers. However, with a bulk SMS campaign, you won’t have the additional expenses of paper, postage or printing. This could potentially save you a significant amount of money in the long run.

These financial savings can duly be passed on to your customers. As an example, National Express offered SMS tickets instead of having to have printed ones, saving the company around £8,500 over the course of the year. Customers are likely to have been pleased with this option because they won’t have needed to print out the ticket at home, which is often something many companies insist on when sending e-tickets.

Success rates

A lot of marketing material can just be classified as junk and recipients never read it. However, with SMS messages, the levels of open rates are considered to be very high. People tend to check their text messages, whereas they may simply delete or filter emails. Paper marketing like leaflets and posters are often thrown straight into the bin without a second glance.

With all of this in mind, SMS messages may prove to be the most effective way to get your message across to your customers and ensure that they actually read and take it on board. If you offer a discount or special offer in the message, you may also find that the message is forwarded onto other people and you might actually increase your subscribers this way.

Keep it quick

Once you have sorted out what your messages are going to say, the people they are going to be sent to and how the campaign is going to be actioned, you can really start to understand and reap the benefits of it. A bulk SMS campaign allows you to get your message across at rapid speeds.

You don’t have to wait for the post to arrive or for emails to get through spam filters; your SMS message will be sent straight to the recipient, saving you a considerable amount of time. This makes SMS marketing campaigns, quick and efficient, with a high success rate. No wonder they’re such a popular choice for companies all round the world.

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