UK marketers must improve effectiveness of their content marketing

UK marketers must improve effectiveness of their content marketing
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UK marketers rated themselves less effective at content marketing this year versus last year, according to the third annual Trends report from the Content Marketing Institute (CMI), produced in partnership with the UK Direct Marketing Association.

As a result it seems marketers are now more focused on content marketing goals than previously, with marketers setting goals and driving efficiency through the setting of concrete objectives.

Goals have also changed. The trends report showed that the percentage of UK marketers setting each of eight specified goals – from customer evangelism (56%) to engagement (91%) – had also risen.

Indeed, engagement moved up in the latest report to replace brand awareness as the most often cited goal. Big increases were seen in those picking lead generation and sales as goals, while lead nurturing nearly tripled.

Twitter is top distributor

The report saw Twitter emerge as the top-rated social media platform with 89% using it to distribute content and 75% saying it was an effective platform for their content marketing efforts – the highest rating for a social medium yet according to CMI.

Twitter’s effectiveness in the UK also proved to be much higher than North America and Australia where although usage is almost as high as in the UK only 54% and 53% of marketers respectively said it was effective.

Other social media platforms were not deemed so effective though. LinkedIn scored 61%, YouTube 50%, SlideShare 37%, Facebook 29%, Pinterest 24% and Google+ 19%.

And it seems that assessing the value of such campaigns is also tough. Only 28% of marketers said they were able to track the ROI of their content marketing programs successfully and 11% didn’t track at all.

A busy 2015

The report also asked what initiatives marketers were working on and what they were planning to do within the next year. The results showed that marketers were certainly keeping busy with an average of 14 initiatives already underway and eight more planned over the next year.

The highest ranking imitative for now was creating visual content (70%), followed closely by creating more engaging content (69%) while for the next 12 months the highest rated was developing a better mobile strategy (39%).

There is certainly no time for content marketers to sit back and do nothing. The report shows there is much to do in the sector in order to maximise the opportunities available.

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