SEOs stand by: More Google updates on the way

SEOs stand by: More Google updates on the way
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If you’re an SEO you’re probably having a relaxing time at the moment. I mean, the last major Panda update was more than seven weeks ago and the last Penguin update was nearly five months ago, so apart from a link network update a couple of weeks ago you’ve not really had all that much to worry about… until now!

Yep, I’m sorry to say your period of R&R is about to come to an end because (drum roll please!)… more Google updates are on the way. Yep, you read that right – more updates are in the pipeline and Google have actually done us the courtesy of giving us some prior warning for once!

On the first day of SMX West in San Jose yesterday, Google’s Head of Web Spam Matt Cutts gave some insight into Google’s plan of attack for “black-hat” and “grey-hat” SEO over the next 12 months or so… and it looks like we won’t actually have to wait that long until the first update hits.

panda update

Panda Update – Due: 15/03/2013 or 18/03/2013

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you – according to Matt Cutts, the next Panda update is going to hit this coming Friday or the following Monday so if you were planning to take a long weekend off work, you may want to think again!

Now, this Panda update is well overdue considering we normally see a Panda-related update once every four weeks (it’s been seven since the last one) and, just like the other Panda updates, is expected to target sites with spammy, keyword-heavy content. Although this one’s not expected to upset the industry too much, it’s definitely one to watch out for.


Link Network Update – Due: Next Few Weeks

Over the last 12 months or so, Google have really been cracking down on downright dodgy links and spammy link networks so it’s no surprise that, following a similar update a few weeks ago, they’re targeting another huge well-known link network in the next few weeks.

Anything to worry about? Possibly; if the majority of your backlink profile consists of dodgy directory links and blog links from known networks. On the other hand, it could be great news if you’ve been struggling to get rid of some dodgy directory links or blog networks links from the Pre-Penguin days.

Penguin Update – Due: Some Time In 2013

Come on; Matt Cutts has been unusually kind by telling us exactly when the next Panda update is due – he couldn’t do the same for the next Penguin update could he?! The announcement comes nearly a year after the Penguin update first rocked the industry and nearly five months after the last update so is probably due… but that doesn’t mean it’s going to be welcomed with open arms! In fact, quite the opposite!

During his appearance on the SMX West panel, The Search Police, yesterday, Matt Cutts said his team were working on a significant Penguin update which he feels, when released, will be one of the most talked about algorithm updates of the year. Time to panic? Quite possibly – every Penguin update thus far has majorly upset the industry so there’s no reason why this one shouldn’t – especially if Matt Cutts is giving us forewarning!

Of course, if you’ve been practicing purely “white-hat” SEO, you’ll have nothing to worry about and you might even be looking forward to these updates to see how your site benefits… if not, it might be time to start preparing for the hit… after all, you’ve only got a few days before our old Panda friend pays us a visit!

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