Microsoft tries to gain back Windows 8 ad trust with Ad Pano

Microsoft tries to gain back Windows 8 ad trust with Ad Pano
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Nearly two months ago I’d written an article on our sister site DeveloperTech how Windows 8 developers were not being paid for their in-app advertisements, and how it was affecting their finances. Now Microsoft could be trying to restore trust and rival Apple’s “iAds” with Ad Pano.

The platform which enables this new interactive advertising is even reminiscent of the iAd platform, but available on any screen where Windows 8 is installed.

Availability of devices is quickly growing; from desktop, to mobile, to tablet, and to perhaps the most interesting, the Xbox. The reach of Ad Pano – despite the terrible name – is greater than iAds.

This makes it a very tempting proposition for marketers; especially those who want to target TV viewers through the iconic console. Microsoft is also in the perfect position to offer the most engaging experience here through use of the Kinect motion-tracking peripheral.

Along with the next-generation console, Xbox One, the Kinect will be bundled with all purchases which will greatly enhance its install-base.

Microsoft patented advertising using the peripheral – called ‘NUads’ – of which the company vows increased investment; after becoming a resounding success.

It appears customers are more willing and happier to interact with an advert as long as it’s interesting; which also can make it more memorable from the consumer-perspective.

Dell for example, is currently running an advert within the Bing Sports application whereby the user can scroll through a panoramic environment within the ad, or expand the ad to full screen, where the tablet’s rear camera uses augmented reality to view the panoramic scene.

The platform arrives just in time for Microsoft’s annual BUILD developer conference; where the Redmond-based company will be hoping Windows 8.1 might crush some of the complaints and issues for which developers and consumers alike have criticised with their radical new direction.

Do you think Microsoft are on the right track for creating more engaging advertising opportunities?

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