Microsoft rewarding users for watching TV? Count me in!

Microsoft rewarding users for watching TV? Count me in!
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From Microsoft’s initial introduction of the Xbox 360, the team wished to be the “360 [degree] entertainment hub for your home.”

This vision far succeeded where others fell short; taking a vast library of content services and mixing them with incredible games.

Alongside this version of the best-selling console came an “achievements” feature, the undisputed way of bragging to friends of your accomplishments and spurring them to do better.

For Xbox One, the next-generation, Xbox Live Achievements program manager Cierra McDonald wants to deliver “more interesting, complex, and fulfilling goals and rewards to you.”

This now includes music and videos. Although these will not count towards the players “GamerScore” they will display on your profile say, “Becoming a Wight”, if you’ve watched all seasons of Game of Thrones in a week (easily achievable).

Question is, will this be their only use? Imagine further functionality will be built into achievements, for example, gaining the one above could unlock the Game of Thrones soundtrack – rewarding your epic viewing skills.

This could open up a whole new breed of marketing; McDonald’s could partner with a musician to offer a free meal if you sit through a stream of his/her latest album.

Microsoft is already said to be playing with the idea of more engaging advertising experiences, particularly making use of the Kinect peripheral. A patent by the company shows interactive adverts which require the viewer to have some input.

Whilst this may frustrate some users; advertisements are already a frustrating necessity. I’d much rather play those free Doritos games between breaks than listen to that GoCompare guy…

Do you like the idea of being rewarded for your content consumption? How about more interactive advertising experiences?

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