5 tips to improve your click through rate on Google+

5 tips to improve your click through rate on Google+
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Just like anyone else in the industry, I’m a massive fan of social media and right now Google+ is definitely in my top two.

In my opinion, Google’s often over-looked social network is one of the best places for socialising, sharing and just generally discovering great content that you actually want to read and view. Unlike LinkedIn, its communities are moderated pretty effectively and are relatively spam-free and unlike Facebook, the network is also fairly free of pointless advertising thus far – so it’s definitely worth getting involved.

What’s more, as I’ve discussed in a previous blog, Google+ is also a great platform for content marketing and driving targeted traffic back to your blog or website… but just like any other form of social networking, it’s all about optimising the platform’s features and design to ensure you get the best possible click through rate.

Here are our top five tips for making the most of Google+.

1. Establish An Audience: Just like any other form of social media, the more you put in, the more you’ll get out! Join Communities you’re actually interested in and get involved in the conversation by adding meaningful, insightful comments to the discussion.

Another great tip? Let the Community know what you’re planning to blog about and ask for their feedback… if you do this you are involving members of the Community in the post from the get-go so you’ll already have a guaranteed audience – particularly if you actually name check them in your blog!

incentive2. Don’t Forget The Formatting: Think you can just copy the blog title and URL and click ‘share’? Think again!

Just like anything else on the web, formatting is key. You need to make your post look pretty and interesting. Be sure to use an interesting, compelling image and always ‘bold’ your titles (include a * either side of the word to make it bold) for easy scanning.

3. Give Them A Reason To Click: With so much content available to every user on Google+, it goes without saying that some posts will always go overlooked or get less attention than others – so you need to put a bit of effort in to ensure yours gets the attention it deserves.

It’s no good just sticking the URL into a particular Community – you need to give other users a reason to click through. Put some effort into creating a compelling title and intro that’s a bit different and attention-grabbing – and don’t be afraid to ask other users for their feedback on the post. Remember, it is social media after all!

4. Use Hashtags: Remember when I said you have to make the most of Google+’s features? Hashtags are definitely one of them! Hashtags on Google+ help other users to discover the content they’re looking for and help to ensure your content reaches the right audience so don’t overlook them!

Yes, Google+ automatically puts hashtags into your posts now but that doesn’t mean you can’t add a few extras of your own to ensure your post is as visible as possible!

5. Don’t Just Post And Forget: When it comes to getting the most out of Google+, the hard work doesn’t stop when you click ‘share’ – in fact that’s just the beginning!

It’s no good just posting and then forgetting all about it. Make sure you respond to comments (whether good or bad) in a professional manner and don’t be afraid to spark a bit of debate to try and get other Community members involved – think about it; would you be more inclined to click on a link if there’s plenty of discussion surrounding it or a link with no comments at all?

You’d always go for the first one. Why? Because it’s provoking a reaction with the Community so it must be interesting or have something different to offer.

Got any more Google+ top tips? Remember, sharing is caring!

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