5 ideas to kick off your YouTube strategy

5 ideas to kick off your YouTube strategy
Amy Edwards is an experienced blogger, content strategist and SEO. She's currently working as an SEO Manager for digital jobs board Bubble Jobs.

By Amy@BubbleJobs

Whether you’re an online marketing pro or a relative newbie, chances are you’ll have the heard the phrase ‘Content Is King’ once or twice before. In this post-Penguin era, that phrase has never been more applicable or relevant and since the first Penguin update hit, it seems the world and his wife have jumped on the old content marketing bandwagon.

Now, while we’ve talked about things like guest blogging and infographics in detail before on this blog, we’ve only briefly touched on YouTube and the power of video when it comes to online marketing. Today, I thought it was time to change all that.

Working in SEO, I must do hundreds of Google searches a week – and one thing I’ve noticed recently is that Google LOVES video at the moment. Regardless of the search, it seems Google is keen to serve me up a nice alternative video wherever possible.

Whether it’s a how-to video, a cheesy music video or a funny advert, right now it feels like Google can’t get enough of YouTube content – and, as a result, there’s more videos in the SERPs than ever before.

When it comes to video entries in the SERPs, it’s definitely tempting to click on them. Why? Curiosity I suppose. By nature, we’re curious beings so it makes sense that when we’re offered up something a bit different in our search, we like to have a look to see what relevant visual treat YouTube has in store for us on that particular day.

video on demandThis innate curiosity and Google’s decision to favour content from its own online video platform means YouTube is the obvious platform for online marketing and building a brand right now. What’s more, it presents you with the perfect opportunity to capture a few of those all-important organic SERP results.

Like the idea of using YouTube to market your business but not sure where to start? Here are five alternative strategies to get you started:

1. How-To Guides: According to our social media manager Lauren, “How To” is the most searched for phrase on YouTube so creating some How-To guides relevant to your industry is a bit is a bit of a no-brainer.

Brainstorm all the things someone might like to know in your industry (e.g. how to write a good cover letter) and make some useful, high quality videos that provide clear, concise and actionable answers. Remember, the most simple strategies are sometimes the most effective!

2. Answer Questions: Whether it’s a blog, article or video, the best and most successful content solves a problem or answers a question. Survey your customers and others in the industry to try to establish a set of FAQs related to your niche – and create a set of videos which provide useful, easy-to-follow answers.

These videos don’t have to be particularly long or complicated – remember, you’re trying to answer a question and be useful, not win an Oscar!

3. “Repurpose” Existing Content: If you’ve already got a successful blog, you’ve got a YouTube strategy sitting right under your nose! When it comes to content marketing in 2013, it’s all about changing the format of your existing content and “repurposing” it for a new audience.

Some people are more visual than others and are much more attracted to videos than blogs and vice versa – so to really make the most of your content, you should put some time and effort in to ensuring every piece of content you produce from here on in is produced in a range of formats and styles.

4. Invoke Curiosity: Blendtec’s YouTube channel and “Will It Blend?” campaign are so successful because their videos not only answer questions but invoke curiosity too. I mean, who wouldn’t want to know if their blender would blend an iPhone 5?

On YouTube it’s all about standing out from the crowd, catching someone’s attention and producing interesting, unique, share-able content. You might think your industry is boring or dull but you could say the same about Blendtec’s! It’s all about finding your niche in the market, finding a different angle and taking a chance.

5. Show Off A Different Side To Your Business: Overly-promotional videos are never a good call but videos that are fun, friendly and show off the personal side of your business can work wonders.

Always banging on about how local and personable your business is? Show off those values in a promotional video – remember, people relate to people, not faceless organisations! Strike the right balance between personal and professional in your YouTube promotional video and you could win over a whole army of new fans and potential customers.

Here at Bubble we like to practice what we preach so over the next few months we’re going to be playing around with YouTube a lot. We don’t want to give too much away but let’s just say we’ve got some big things planned… don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube channel to ensure you don’t miss out!

You know the drill by now; have any more great YouTube tips? Leave a comment below!

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