Is Social Media putting extra strain on marketers?

Is Social Media putting extra strain on marketers?
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Where most of us think of social media as a way of easily reaching out to friends and family, for marketers, it’s a powerful tool for engaging new audiences. A report from marketing production services firm Charterhouse however, shows extra strain being put on departments.

In fact, two thirds of marketers agree that this new generation of marketing channels such as social media has created more work for their department.

Most of the pressure appears to be from increased expectation; due to the new reach available by social media services, companies wish to see much higher results.

The report seems to highlight a key issue from management, that due to this ease of reach and the economic climate, reductions can be made and yet expectations are raised.

These cuts are both financial and in personnel. 42 percent of marketers from Europe’s top 500 companies report a reduction in the number of department staff in the past five years, whilst 30 percent report budget cutbacks.

Yet to stay competitive, broadcasting across all the available channels is a priority. Even now, with these articles I write, if it wasn’t for social networks they would barely be seen amongst the vastness of Google (and the less-than-legit SEO tactics many use!)

It’s vital to remember the variety of platforms for which marketers may have to target. Now you have mobile advertising, TV advertising, web advertising, digital billboard advertising… the list of possible outlets seems endless.

59 percent say they have to produce more content now than ever before; despite staff and resources being cut. Plus with the rate of change in today’s available technology and channels, 62 percent say it’s hard to keep up.

To deal with this demand, overburdened marketers become dependent on agencies.

Anthony Hawkins, New Business Director at Charterhouse, states: “Overburdened marketers are turning to third parties to offload the tasks that they simply don’t have time for.”

Over half of marketers report hiring agencies to deal with this rise in expectations and content, whilst almost half say they have become dependent on these agencies.

For the full “Back to Creativity” report, head here.

What are your thoughts on marketers becoming overburdened?

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