The real social media management happens in-house

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While we don’t know for sure how much of an impact social signals have on the SERPs there is definitely a correlation between an author’s social authority (which is influenced by social signals) and how well their content and website does organically.

In addition to boosting your SEO program, social media management can also help drive targeted traffic to your content; increase your organic brand presence, expand your potential reach to new and existing customers and more.

Many small business owners have enough on their plate when it comes to running their business, and we all know how easy it is to get lost in the depths of Facebook and Twitter, so many owners turn to outside help with their social media management. And while an outside partner can help strategize, organize, implement, fine tune and develop a social media marketing campaign site owners cannot afford to completely wash their hands of social media management.

At the end of the day no one knows your business and your audience like you (not even the best SEO or social media partner) and your knowledge is what makes all the difference!

Here is what SEM expert Carrie Hill had to say about outsourcing your social media management;

The term “community manager” is getting thrown around a lot, but it really is an important role in a company who is looking for online success, especially if they’re looking for that success through social media.  This person knows your customer, they know your product or service, and they know how to bring the two together to create customers and brand advocates.

In my opinion, an agency can’t really do this for you.  They can help you be more consistent across the brand, they can definitely train your community manager on the platforms and best practices – but nobody knows your business better than you.  Don’t hand that control over to someone who makes $30-$40k a year and handles 10+ different clients.

I help a lot of our full service SEO clients manage their social media channels; promoting content, finding new authority figures to follow, looking for niche sites to join and become active in, and so forth; but most of our clients understand that I am not a customer service representative, nor am I an “expert” in their field.

I cannot (nor should I) answer customer questions or complaints on their behalf simply because I don’t have the in-house knowledge to do so, especially for some of our technical B2B clients.

I am more than happy to manage the content sharing and promotion part of social media management (which ties back into their overall SEO campaign), but I can’t really speak to customers on their behalf. What if I answered someone’s question incorrectly? In the world of social media everything you say and do is instantly public. One misstep on my part because I don’t have the same in-depth knowledge as our clients could start a social media firestorm, which is the last thing I want to have happen.

So, as Carrie mentioned, you can definitely hire an outside partner to help you fine tune your social media management skills, and they can handle some of the work, but the real social media management and engagement has to come from someone in-house with the know-how to really make your social brand stand out.

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