5 ways to write epic SEO copy

5 ways to write epic SEO copy
Amy Edwards is an experienced blogger, content strategist and SEO. She's currently working as an SEO Manager for digital jobs board Bubble Jobs.

By Amy@BubbleJobs

Here at Bubble we like to write about what we know (after all, sharing is caring!) so today I thought I’d take you right back to the start and go through the ins and outs of writing SEO copy.

First up, SEO copy (or SEO-friendly copy) relates to the copy (aka words) used on your website. The copy on your website/blog is essential for educating visitors on your products/services and letting the search engines (like Google and Bing) know what your business and each page of your website is about – Google and Co then take this copy into account when ranking your website for particular keywords and phrases.

Now, just like hashtagging, most people draw a blank when it comes to creating SEO copy – after all, there are lots of companies out there claiming to be specialists so how would you (a complete novice) be able to do it? I’ll let you in on a little secret – it’s not actually that tricky! Yes, it can be complicated and time-consuming but if you’re already a confident writer, it should come pretty naturally to you – it’s just a case of bearing a few things in mind!

Before I take you through my top five tips for creating epic SEO copy, check out my snazzy (and yes, I did just say snazzy – hey, it’s Friday) Slideshare presentation! :)


How To Create EPIC SEO Copy from amy_edwards88

(If you can’t see the presentation, just hit refresh on your browser – that should do the trick! :P )

1. Keep It Natural: Yes, keywords are important but thanks to Google’s Panda update (which punishes sites with poor, ‘thin’ copy), cramming as many keywords into your site and copy as possible is really not a good idea.

Think about it; content that looks like this:

“Digital jobs in Manchester are great for digital job seekers who want the best digital job vacancies and digital careers from the digital industry. Digital jobs are always available from digital job boards and digital career sites and are popular with digital job seekers of all ages who need to find digital jobs in Manchester, digital jobs in Birmingham and digital jobs in Bristol”.

is obviously spam! You know it, your customers know it and search engines know it!

Copy like this looks horrible, serves no purpose and will cause Google to see your page as spam and punish your site with poor rankings. Try to fit keywords naturally into your content (you can use the Google keyword tool to find relevant keywords for your topic) and once you’ve finished, take a step back and seriously ask yourself if it looks like spam.

If it does, scrap it and start again. It’s all about making it look natural!

SEO copy

2. Have A Purpose: The mistake people make with SEO copy is that they just have it because they know they need it – it doesn’t matter why it’s there, as long as it’s there! If this is your mindset, you need to change your opinion and ways right now!

Before Panda, you could get away with stuffing any old copy on a site as long as it had keywords in it – but now your SEO copy needs to be relevant and have a purpose. Think about what content would be useful for your customers (eg. product descriptions, how your services differ from your competitors etc) and go from there.

Ask yourself if anyone would actually find this useful or if you’re just putting it there for the sake of it.

3. Make It Unique: This one’s a biggie – your SEO copy has to be unique – no excuses! It’s OK to use other sites for inspiration and for research purposes but you need to ensure the copy you write is 100% unique to your site.

Search engines HATE duplicate content. Why? Because they know you’ve cheated and stolen it from somewhere else. Seriously, it make take you a while to rewrite something and add to it but it’s definitely worth it.

4. Think About The Bigger Picture: Don’t just think about the obvious ‘short tail’ keywords (keywords/phrases that are just two or three words long – eg. “laptop hire”) – the best (and most targeted) traffic comes from long tail keywords (eg. “three month laptop hire in London”) so don’t forget to try and incorporate these into your SEO copy too.

Also, including obvious keywords is just the tip of the iceberg – to create really effective SEO copy you need to think about the bigger picture. Think about the semantics (words) that are associated with your keywords and try and create copy which includes a mix of these semantics and keywords. Want an example? OK, semantics for “laptop hire” might include “laptop rental”, “notebook”, “netbook”, “renting a laptop”, “notebook hire” and “lease”.

5. Forget Keyword Density: Back in the day there were loads of SEOs out there that claimed that each page of your site had to have a keyword density of between 10% and 20% but these days keyword density is becoming less and less important because the focus is now on the quality of copy, rather than how dense it is with keywords.

Today lots of experts are recommending that a page’s keyword density should be between 2% and 3% but in my opinion, you should just forget keyword density altogether and focus on creating quality copy that’s useful and relevant to your visitors.

So there you go; my Dos and Don’ts for creating epic SEO copy! I hope this helps all you aspiring SEO copywriters out there – let me know :)

PS. Need help with another aspect of your social media, content or SEO strategy? Leave us a comment and if we can answer your questions, we’ll blog about it! :)

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