Adform: Increased support for mobile in online advertising

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Rich media and mobile the two key trends for online advertising

According to research from online marketing specialists Adform, mobile is the area most likely area to fuel investment into online display marketing campaigns in the next 12 months.

The responses came from digital marketers polled at the ad:tech conference in London, and the results showed the increasing part mobile has to play in marketing. Mobile topped the polls with 33% of respondents citing it, with social media (23%) and online video (8%) trailing behind.

Similarly, the use of rich media was cited as a game changer in terms of online marketing and advertising. Of those surveyed, over three quarters (76%) said that online marketers would invest more in rich media online ad campaigns in the next year.

This research will confirm one of the most prevalent trends in digital marketing: the rise of mobile and rich media.

But it’s important to get the strategy right and marry the two.

As Yankee Group’s Jason Armitage noted in an interview with MarketingTech: “Advertising spend on mobile is growing very quickly. [But] where we see mobile advertising fail is where people have taken existing formats that work very well in online advertising – for example, a banner – and just implemented that straight onto a mobile device.

“That approach just doesn’t work very well on mobile”.

So, what’s the answer? Single-platform marketing campaigns would be a real boon, according to the survey results. 53% of respondents admitted that it was frustrating running digital marketing campaigns on multiple platforms, with 73% adding they would want to use a single platform to coordinate their campaigns within the next five years.

Gustav Mellentin, Adform CEO, commented that while it wasn’t a surprise to see marketers hoping to run campaigns on single platforms, there was inherent danger.

“While online display advertising has recently been the subject of great growth, these figures show that the industry is at risk of isolating itself from the rest of the digital marketing industry,” he said.

“This is concerning, especially when you consider some of the fantastic advances that are coming out of the space.”

Elsewhere, online display advertising is full of acronyms and, as recent research from Adform shows, many digital marketers aren’t aware of all the jargon flying about.

According to Adform research, just under a third (32%) of digital marketers polled at the ad:tech conference in London were able to understand RTB (real time bidding), with even fewer understanding DSP (demand side platform, 26%) and SSP (supply side platform, 18%).

In contrast, 77% deciphered click through rate (CTR) and 68% understood cost per action (CPA).

This survey appears to give more credence to investing in mobile and rich media for online advertising, but what do you think will happen in the next 12 months?

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