Which browser has the best advertising CTR? [infographic]

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A new piece of research from Chitika Insights has given a surprising verdict: Opera browser users click on the most ads, with Safari in second place.

The research, which covered “hundreds of millions of U.S and Canadian online ad impressions”, found that Opera on average had a click through rate (CTR) of 2.12%, with Safari Mobile (1.54%) and Internet Explorer (1.14%) comprising the top three. Chrome came last with 0.54% CTR – 0.51% for iOS.

Perhaps surprisingly, the CTR acronym was only recognised by 77% of digital marketers at the ad:tech conference, according to research from online marketing specialists Adform.

It was more widely recognised than CPA (cost per action, 68%) and RTB (real time bidding, 32%).

Elsewhere, Safari users appeared to be the most verbose. Safari users averaged 5.08 words per search engine query, compared to Opera users, who on average tapped out 3.88 words per query.

Chitika also published an infographic detailing the highlights of the results:

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