5 ways to spice up your email marketing strategy

5 ways to spice up your email marketing strategy
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No one likes spam, and small companies trying to reach their clientele hate spam. That is because they are genuinely trying to reach out to their target audience with a message they probably want to hear, but due to spam, their words end up in the trash, unread. In order to keep out of the trash and stay clear of being labeled as spam, companies need to spice up their email marketing strategies, and here are five ways on how to do it.

Have a meaningful subject line:

Your subject line is the first thing your clients will read, and it is also your hook. A good strong subject line will get your email opened; a bad one will land it in the trash. A subject line should be roughly 7 words long, and as enticing as possible, without over stretching it.

Be a Human Correspondent:

Usually mass emails sent to clients are sent from an email address that sounds non-human, like ‘advert@business123.com’. Audiences respond and like emails that look like they were sent from a human. They seem more personalized, and hence more important. Use a fake if necessary, but a name will serve you better. Also whenever you address your recipient in the course of the email, use their name whenever possible. If you’re a young, fresh outgoing sort of a company, then stick to the first name. If you’re sharp, clean no-nonsense enterprise use the appropriate Mr., Mrs.,Ms., or Dr. designation. Never use the full name as it stinks of automation and data mining, so personalize with this in mind. Proper personalization goes a long way as far as increasing the chances of an email being opened.

Give Incentive in Emails:

Everybody loves a discount. Give out secret codes in your emails that when entered to your website, give the audience a discount pertaining to your brand or company. Not only will this divert traffic to your website, it will also help your clients learn more about you. It’s a win win for everyone!

Make a Reference:

Reference a well-known, pop culture icon, either from a song, movie book or TV show to grab your audience. People tend to feel more connected with those who seem to share their interests, but, of course, consider your audience demographics, like age, gender, social class and nationality, because you really don’t want half of your audience to feel left out of the joke.

Avoid Sale Cliches:

Don’t capitalize every single letter, and refrain from throwing in words like, ‘sale’, ‘free’, ‘deal’ and ‘discount’ into the subject line. Emails like these seldom make it past the spam filters, and when they do, most people don’t favor them with a second glance. Be as original as possible and try to convey your message with good reason. Throw in deals, they help bringing in interest. However, even when they make it to an inbox, most people don’t give these cliché phrased emails a second glance. Skip on sales cliches, opt instead for original language.

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