Increase Facebook engagement: Get on other platforms too

Increase Facebook engagement: Get on other platforms too
Vitrue ( is the leading social marketing platform, offering software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions to help brands and agencies harness the marketing potential of social and manage their expanding and sophisticated social communities on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube and emerging platforms. The industry-leading Vitrue Social Relationship Management (SRM) platform is collectively managing its clients’ more than one billion social relationships in more than 100 countries across more than 4,500 Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts.

Facebook is huge.  It is the primary social network for brands and consumers. And with 30million users currently using Facebook in the UK, it is hardly a surprise we have recently seen a lot of talk around this network along with its recent IPO. Facebook is undoubtedly everywhere, even more so with consumers now connecting via mobile and tablet devices which means they can connect anytime from anywhere.

But, what about all the other social networks? In the last year alone we have seen the arrival of Google+ and Pinterest, Facebook’s recent purchase of Instagram pushed the photo sharing site in to the mainstream, and Twitter continues to be hugely popular around the world.

We are increasingly living in a multi-platform social world, so how and why should brands be using these other platforms and how do they connect with Facebook?

We wanted to see how having a multiplatform approach affected engagement rates for brands on Facebook so we reviewed data across our social media management platform, which is used by more than 500 global clients. Engagement in this context is measured by the gross interaction comments, likes and shares divided by number of fans for a particular steam.

Interestingly we found that brands using multiple social networks received higher Facebook engagement rates than those using Facebook only :

  • Brands using Facebook only  scored on average a .5% engagement rate or ( 5 Facebook Likes, comments, shares per 1,000 fans)
  • Brands using Facebook, Twitter and Google+ received a .77% engagement rate (8 Facebook Likes, comments, shares per 1,000 fans
  • This reflects an over 50% increase in engagement in Facebook engagement when using all three platforms as opposed to just Facebook

We also looked at what platforms the brands using the Vitrue platform are on: 42% are on Facebook only, while 47% are on Facebook & Twitter OR Facebook & Google+ and only 11% on all three of these platforms. Interestingly, many brands aren’t leveraging multiple platforms yet, but as we’ve seen leveraging other platforms in addition to Facebook can help hugely increased engagement.

Vitrue recently integrated Pinterest and Instagram modules for the Vitrue SRM. For the handful of brands that integrated Pinterest into their Facebook Page, it is interesting to note they are already seeing upwards of 60% increase in Facebook engagement rates.

Clearly embracing other networks and properly integrating them leads to significant uplift in engagement.  So if you want to get ahead on Facebook, get on other networks, too.

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