Google changes AdWords ad rotation: Not for the better

Yesterday on the Inside AdWords blog, Google announced a new change to AdWords and the way adverts are rotated.

Advertisers have the option to rotate adverts in three ways. Optimise for Clicks, Optimise for Conversions or Even Rotation. We always test adverts on the Even Rotation setting as it allows you to split test your adverts and find out what copy works.

Over time, this can give you very powerful insight into what makes your customers tick. With the other two rotation settings, you dont have this control over testing copy because, as soon as one advert starts getting more clicks or conversions than the other, it starts being shown for more of the time, so skews data.

Unfortunately, Google is making it far harder for us to work in this way because…

“Starting next week, the “rotate” setting for ad rotation will change. Instead of rotating creatives for an indefinite period of time, this setting will only rotate for a period of 30 days. After that, the setting will then optimize to show the ads expected to generate the most clicks. Every time a creative is enabled or edited, the ads in that ad group will rotate more evenly for a new period of 30 days.”

This is far from great news for advertisers who like to test out ad copy and see what really works for their markets. They say this is to help advertisers improve the performance of their accounts but we think its a very bad move and one we cant help but feel Google us putting in place to get more click budget from Pay Per Click customers.

Get ready, as the changes will start taking place next week and “ad groups with creatives that haven’t been added or modified in the past thirty days will see this new ad rotation behaviour. Otherwise, this change will begin 30 days after your last creative was enabled or edited.”

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