Why incorporate YouTube into your trade show marketing

Tips for using YouTube for marketing at your next trade show event.

In this day and age, nearly every single trade show exhibitor will include images and graphics into their booth displays, whether it’s through an impressive infographic detailing their products and services, a high-tech banner stand featuring their marking message, or a simple sign with their company logo hanging across their booth. After all, as they say, a picture is worth 1,000 words.

However, if a simple image has the power to attract attendees to your company’s products and services,  just imagine how much impact a one-minute long YouTube video can have on potential leads and the overall success of your company.

In the last few years, there has been an overwhelming  growth in the consumption and sharing of online videos. In fact, YouTube is now the second largest search engine on the web, just behind Google, with over two billion page views per day. That’s nearly double the primetime audience of all major US TV networks combined.

So, how exactly can trade show exhibitors tap into the power of YouTube and use it for their next trade show exhibit?  YouTube Brand Channels provide a great way for your company to look into into new media and reach consumers in a way that you never have before.

Here are just a few reasons why your business should consider incorporating YouTube videos into your next trade show marketing plan:

Share Your Message Before Your Trade Show

YouTube videos are a great way to reach out to trade show attendees and share your products and services before the actual event. By shooting video and posting it before a trade show, you’re allowing potential clients to find out what your company is all about in a way that they previously couldn’t. You can also share a YouTube video by just sending a simple link, making it easier than ever to share your message with pre-registered attendees in a simple email or Facebook post.

Reach Consumers Outside Of The Event

One of the most wonderful aspects of online video is the power that they have to go viral in an instant. Nearly everyone has seen a funny music video or a YouTube clip that has blown up on the internet in just a matter of minutes. While your company’s video may not be the next YouTube sensation, it still has the power to reach millions of viewers with just a simple click or search on a website, allowing you to reach many potential clients that you would have otherwise been unable to.

Demonstrate Your Products

One of the biggest reasons why companies attend trade shows in the first place is to show attendees their products and services in person. However, it can be difficult for attendees to recapture your presentation or product demonstration once they leave the event. With YouTube videos, you can record and upload your presentations to your company channel beforehand, then provide attendees with a QR Code link to your demonstration video for reference once they return home.

Because recording, uploading and sharing videos is now easier than it has ever been before, there is no reason why your company cannot include YouTube videos into your overall marketing plans. By posting videos and recaps of your trade show exhibit, it not only allows your clients and leads to be reminded of your products and services, but it also reminds them of the energy and positivity that your company displayed at your trade show event. In the end, these simple one-minute videos can share thousands of words more than a simple picture could ever achieve.

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