Bizcommunity shows an understanding of social business shifts

Bizcommunity shows an understanding of social business shifts

Social Business is the art of leveraging social technology (like social media) to create a more valuable product, working environment or business.

I recently had the chance to look into Bizcommunity’s latest upgrade to their website and have been suitably impressed. Bizcommunity has built a strong personal interaction element into the new website that has opened the door to turning Bizcommunity from an industry news website to a networking platform.

bizcommunityInviting people to participate with personal profiles

Bizcommunity has opened the invitation for people to participate in the network by allowing people to add personal profiles in much the same way as Facebook. People can also add their Twitter Profile to their profile which allows a stream of updates in much the same way as Linkedin used to do.

Managing status updates

Bizcommunity allows you to follow users like on Twitter and updates your status accordingly. Although they allow you to post from Bizcommunity to Twitter it seems that they have not allowed the reverse to happen yet. This is one downside that I see in the new website.

What does Bizcommunity Understand?

It is evident by the business shift that Bizcommunity is making that they have understood that Social Technology needs to be adopted into their business model in order to survive in the New World of Work.

Industry News websites like Bizcommunity are great because they add credibility to the industry but they risk losing their grip on being the number one resource to connect with your industry, due to the number of industry experts with personal blogs and twitter accounts.

By building a social networking element to the website Bizcommunity is now able to convert its “reading audience” into a “networking audience” which opens up greater engagement opportunities and better business opportunities for its audience. Increasing the chance of Bizcommunity becoming a first stop for many marketing professionals online.

Well done to the Bizcommunity Team!

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