Mobile marketers struggling to demonstrate ROI

Mobile marketers struggling to demonstrate ROI
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A new study from King Fish Media has shed light of the state of the current mobile marketing industry, revealing that while the channel is popular for customer relationship building, many brands are struggling to effectively measure ROI.

Sponsored by Maxymiser, HubSpot and Junta42, the survey found that only a third of companies have any kind of mobile marketing plan in place, while among the rest, two thirds are planning to implement some kind of strategy in the next twelve months.

The study also found that the overall ROI/payback for mobile has been slow to develop. Just a quarter of respondents reported that ROI for mobile programs exceeded or performed as expected, while one third didn’t measured it all.

However, there seems to have been a movement towards native app development in the future. Currently two-thirds of companies use a mobile website, while 28% of respondents are using a native app and 27% are using both. Next year is likely to see an increase in native app development, with 43% planning to have an app and 49% reporting they will be using an app and mobile site.

Most commonly, brands said they were using mobile initiatives to develop relationships adn improve customer retention, which explains why social media, branded email and geo-location are among the most popular content types.

To download this study from King Fish Media: click here

Additional findings:

Almost three-quarters of all companies are currently planning apps using the iPhone platform vs. Android (45%), iPad (41%) and Blackberry (41%). Looking out 12 months, interest in iPad (76%) and Android (75%) rises significantly. iPhone and Blackberry stay flat. Interestingly, 68% of companies have no plans to develop apps using the Windows operating system.
Social media, branded content, email, geo-location/maps and general reference are most often mentioned as applications being executed as part of a mobile initiative.  Original branded content, ads, expert content and videos are the types of content used most often in mobile format.
Commerce over mobile channels is slow to take hold among respondents. Less than 20% are currently conducting mobile commerce, mostly over a mobile web site. Interest does rise for 2012.

Nearly 60% are tracking visitors to their website from mobile devices, usually with Google Analytics. Among those tracking, companies are finding that a relatively small percentage of traffic is coming from a mobile device—on average 8%. And only about 10% of customer/prospects are using a mobile app developed by the company.

While few companies (7%) are currently personalizing the mobile experience, there is strong interest (42%) in doing so in the future. The main reasons to offer mobile personalization are to increase customer loyalty, cross sell/upsell and set up a recommendations campaign.

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