Big Brother is watching: Online eye-tracking service is launched

George Orwell’s 1984 is a step closer with the news that Specific Media has launched an eye-tracking service for BBH to measure the effectiveness of digital creative campaigns.

The service has been created in partnership with EyeTrackShop and is being trailled with a BBH’s brands including Lynx, Barclays and Audi. It uses webcam technology to analyse the way in which users view online advertising calculating where they look and how long they spend looking at certain aspects of the adverts.

Specific Media has already conducted a pilot with 360 panellists and the findings were revealing: 11 percent of consumer time on webpages was spent looking at adverts with the time it took to fixate on the ad varying from one to 8.5 seconds while advertising ‘dwell time’ varied from five percent up to 22 percent of the total viewing time.

Commenting on the launch, Ian Dowds, senior vice-president of Specific Media, said: “Marketers require increasingly sophisticated insight into the performance of campaigns and this pilot shows the direct impact creative can have on a campaign. Quite simply, without this new technology, we wouldn’t have these insights.” He added that the new technology would allow clients to pre-test creative campaigns for visual effectiveness and allow marketers to get the best ROI from their online campaigns.

Simeon Adams, strategy director of BBH, said: “This has enabled us to analyse our online campaigns with more rigour than ever before. Seeing how our creative is working ‘in the wild’ can help us fine-tune for effectiveness, and what the pilot clearly showed was that online display needs the right creative for the job.”

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