Justin Barrett, Brightcove: COVID, digital transformation and the experience of video

Justin Barrett, senior VP EMAE, Brightcove.

What have been the latest developments at Brightcove?

Brightcove invests a lot into research and development to make sure we can keep our customers ahead of the curve. For example, we recently launched a service that optimises video delivery into China to allow organisations to distribute their video content in a key market.

We’re also seeing renewed interest in our core services like Brightcove Video Cloud, as more organisations put an emphasis on video content and...

Brightcove helps take Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to a global audience

Melbourne Symphony Orchestra

The Melbourne Symphony Orchestra (MSO) has chosen Brightcove to help power its new digital platform, MSO.LIVE. and cast its 2021 season in Australia and around the world.

MSO.LIVE offers 24-hour entertainment on-demand, live and pre-recorded, delivering accessible and premium content as an alternative to traditional, in-person orchestral experiences. The MSO.LIVE experience is accessible, offering MSO concerts, family programming, and special events and performances from around...

How to convince audiences that virtual events are still worthwhile

Opinion Nothing went according to plan in 2020. Trade shows, conferences, concerts, and all other business- and consumer-driven in-person events were either converted into online experiences or canceled altogether. This year, we’re left questioning where virtual events will go from here.

Several companies have committed to hosting immersive digital experiences in 2021 — from the Consumer Technology Association’s CES to Adobe Summit to SXSW. Typically, these in-person...

How your brand can craft Instagram Reels which stand out from the crowd

Facebook recently released a new feature for Instagram Reels called “Remix,” which lets users collaborate via side-by-side videos. Although some still criticise the app as a copy of TikTok, it’s clear that the technology giant wants to continue investing in and expanding on the possibilities of video content.

The State of Digital Publishing predicts that video will account for 82% of internet traffic by 2022, so it’s no surprise that companies like Facebook are taking an...

Why advertisers need to replace pandemic clichés with authenticity

Over the course of 2020, I saw a lot of pandemic ads. They worked well for companies in a tight spot — whether because of budget cuts or previously purchased media commitments — but they follow the same formula: A screen fades in from black, stock footage rolls, and an announcer talks about living in unprecedented times. Just as the video reaches its lowest point, the announcer says, “But we’re here to help because we’re in this together.”

In the early days of the...

Four key steps for marketers to seize the Clubhouse moment

Clubhouse stepped in as the social media app for building connections amid lockdowns and social distancing. For those who aren’t familiar with the buzz yet, the invite-only app connects people through audio chat rather than the direct messages, status updates, or photos and videos typical of other social networking platforms. Part radio, part Zoom, part podcast, Clubhouse has taken the world by storm in recent months.

The app continues to grow in popularity, up from 600,000...

How TikTok can recover from its shadowbanning problems

TikTok has increasingly become a major part of brands’ marketing strategies. The platform offers incredible potential to reach target audiences in authentic, creative ways. But as more brands start to work with TikTok creators, they have to understand a key issue those creators are worried about: shadowbanning.

What is shadowbanning?

Shadowbanning occurs when a platform suppresses or removes content without notifying users. Creators might begin to suspect they’ve been...

Case study: B2B marketing is tired: How Wasabi used its entertainment roots to spice things up

Remember the heydey of jingles? The short song that accompanied commercials for your favourite products, one that would start playing in your head out of the blue even if you hadn’t seen the ad in days, weeks, months, years? Even after all this time I still find myself humming the theme for Klondike Bars, Band-Aid Brand and Oscar Meyer… maybe it’s my brain’s subliminal messaging for telling me I’m hungry.

Like any fresh marketing professional coming out of college, I...

Influencers vs. copyright for music beds: Why AI could be the solution

If you find the topic of music copyright confusing then you’re not alone. It’s complicated, disjointed and expensive. But for content creators it’s an integral part of their process and necessary to achieve success.

All content creators understand the value that music adds by providing a layer that sets emotion, fun and enhances the experience for the viewer. But the practical application isn’t as straightforward as adding your favourite track to your...

Which martech solutions are the most essential for remote collaboration?

While many companies originally transitioned to remote situations in 2020, it’s looking like many are considering making this a permanent move. In a recent survey from Gartner, 80% of business leaders plan to allow employees to remain at least partially remote indefinitely. For some departments and businesses, letting employees work from home just makes a lot of sense.

Those in the marketing industry have certainly benefitted from working at home. According to research from...