Why adding intrinsic incentives for eCommerce and social is key amid heightened consumer demands

Raise your hand if you have a wallet bursting with so-called “customer loyalty” cards. You likely have one for each supermarket, your favourite coffee chain, and maybe for the bookstore. With some brands upgrading to an app, you probably also have a smartphone screen full of their colourful icons. But how often do those loyalty schemes actually influence you to make a purchase? More importantly, do they keep you loyal to the brand?

The problem with most loyalty programmes is...

Four key steps for marketers to seize the Clubhouse moment

Clubhouse stepped in as the social media app for building connections amid lockdowns and social distancing. For those who aren’t familiar with the buzz yet, the invite-only app connects people through audio chat rather than the direct messages, status updates, or photos and videos typical of other social networking platforms. Part radio, part Zoom, part podcast, Clubhouse has taken the world by storm in recent months.

The app continues to grow in popularity, up from 600,000...

Social media spend study shows digital marketing’s Covid ‘resiliency’ one year on

A year since the first lockdown was implemented in the United Kingdom, it seems an appropriate time to assess the Covid-influenced shifting social media landscape. According to Socialbakers, global social media ad spend and reach continued to grow in 2020 in spite of the pandemic.

The findings, which appear in the company's latest report, 'State of Social Media Marketing A Year After Covid', saw a gradual uptick from March onwards. Not surprisingly, there was a drop at the...

How TikTok can recover from its shadowbanning problems

TikTok has increasingly become a major part of brands’ marketing strategies. The platform offers incredible potential to reach target audiences in authentic, creative ways. But as more brands start to work with TikTok creators, they have to understand a key issue those creators are worried about: shadowbanning.

What is shadowbanning?

Shadowbanning occurs when a platform suppresses or removes content without notifying users. Creators might begin to suspect they’ve been...

The need for ‘evolved phygital’: Ramping up the experience

Little did marketers - or anyone else for that matter - realise that it would take a pandemic to turn our well established retail infrastructure on its head. Almost overnight social commerce became our new form of retail architecture. What was already prevalent in China took hold in a matter of months and continues to gain momentum in the West.

Of course, even prior to 2020 the tech was available for marketers to mesh live-streaming, short-form video and social-networking to show...

Adobe, BBC and Microsoft among big names in new standards group to combat disinformation

Six major organisations, including Adobe, the BBC, and Microsoft, have formed a combined entity to 'develop an end-to-end, open standard for tracing the origin and evolution of digital content.'

The companies, who also include Arm, Intel and Truepic, are creating the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA). The group will look to develop 'content provenance specifications' for common asset types and formats, with the goal of enabling publishers, creators and...

10 practical ways to grow your local business with digital marketing in 2021

Digital marketing for local business is quite different from how to do marketing for a national or global business.

Yes, we mostly use the same channels - but, in a different fashion.

Local businesses target local people, who are geographically around. They may seem easier to reach without digital marketing; however, it's been long since consumers started searching online before they buy basically anything.

More than 90% of users searched for local businesses...

How to determine brand readiness for influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is no longer an unfamiliar territory. The industry is projected to be a $15 billion global industry by 2022, up from $8 billion in 2019. It’s no surprise then that CMOs continue to emphasise influencer marketing strategies in their plans.

74% of CMOs surveyed in the 2019-2020 Gartner CMO Spend Survey planned to increase their social marketing (including influencer marketing) spending while 65% planned to roll out full or pilot influencer campaigns, with an...

Sara McCorquodale, CEO, CORQ: On influencer and brand relationships and Gen Z/millennial priorities

Influencer marketing is a catchy, catch-all buzzword - but for a term so vast, it has a litany of caveats attached to it.

Right now, in these uncertain Covid times, the word has a certain stigma - especially referring to those who are jetting off to conduct 'essential work' when so many are unable to travel. PR Week dubbed it the Dubai dilemma. Yet this undercuts the work many others are doing with far lower budget and scope.

Since the first brands caught on to the...

What Apple’s update means for your Facebook ads (and what to do about it)

The total advertising audience on Facebook is thought to consist of around 2.14 billion people. What’s more, the average Facebook user clicks on 12 ads per month.

For advertisers and brands, Facebook has long provided a huge opportunity to reach a large, targeted audience. But it isn’t without its challenges.

The most recent challenge to the prevalence and power of Facebook Ads actually arrived last October with the release of Apple’s latest iPhone operating...