Doritos launches augmented reality summer campaign

Bag of doritos

Doritos has launched its ‘Make Your Play’ platform, a campaign aimed at encouraging music fans to return to events this summer as social distancing restrictions continue to ease.

The campaign will utilise augmented reality (AR) technology developed by Poplar Studio and 8th Wall on interactive posters throughout the UK.

Those who spot the posters can scan a QR code and access the AR experience, where a play button stylised in the form of the iconic Dorito chip will be...

Why automation is your greatest ally – if you use it right

As an agency owner or marketer, you’re in constant pursuit of two things: demonstrating return on investment and landing new clients. The past year has only intensified the necessity of these pursuits — especially the latter — as you likely tried to help clients through the challenges of the pandemic while shortening and digitising your sales pipeline.

When used properly, marketing automation can make your sales process more efficient and scalable. By automating tasks that...

Martech strategies: Make it, make it good, and make it happen

A marketing strategy that isn’t underpinned by technology and the right processes isn’t a strategy at all. It’s a waste of time.

The events of the last 14 months - as the global pandemic and resulting lockdowns have played havoc with existing business models - have demonstrated again the critical importance of direct contact with customers.

And unless that contact is tech-driven, it will be at best laborious, at worst completely dysfunctional.


Preparing for a cookieless future – by revamping your data-driven culture

Session It's a case of good news and bad news for digital marketers right now. The bad news is that third-party cookies are being phased out by 2022 - and however hard one begs, they're not coming back.

The good news, however, is that necessity is often the mother of invention - and if brands are smart, they are already thinking of how to deliver the hyper-personalised experiences their customers require.

But it is never as easy as all that.

There is an...

The end of third-party cookies: How it will affect advertisers and publishers

Longread Chrome and Chromium-based browsers will stop supporting third-party cookies in 2022, which will affect everyone in the advertising industry. Traditional digital advertising and monetisation methods will become less effective or even stop working altogether.

In this article, I’ll explain why third-party cookies are getting canceled, how this will affect publishers and advertisers, and what you need to do now so that these changes won’t affect your ad...

Three major mistakes marketers can make with cloud-based systems

An increasing number of companies have taken their operations remote in recent times. In fact, remote work is now being considered a prominent part of the new normal. Businesses are considering keeping employees remote indefinitely, resulting in the increasing popularity of cloud-based tools.

For many marketers, extended periods of remote work may mean that they need to consider total digital transformation and adoption of cloud-based tools. This is especially important as team...

Two key marketing automation tools you may be missing for your eCommerce clients

More and more, eCommerce companies and online shops are tapping digital marketing agencies to help them advertise their products online - on not just one, but multiple marketplaces. Whether you are adding eCommerce clients to the agency portfolio for the first time or working with these clients - there is a need to break through the noise by advertising on marketplaces.

Successful ad campaigns for eCommerce call for high-quality PPC ads, banner ads, text ads (expanded and simple),...

Developing flexibility and agility in digital marketing: Five trends to explore

Recent headlines have shown how necessary dexterity and flexibility can be to dealing with business uncertainty. That lesson is incredibly relevant for professionals handling digital marketing efforts. After all, a campaign devised only a few months ago can come off as insensitive or in poor taste depending on the current environment. At the same time, having processes in place to change campaigns as necessary (whether you need to adjust tone, budget, or flighting) is of the utmost...

Why marketing automation remains the missing piece of the optimisation jigsaw puzzle

Organisations are operating in a world where everything is optimised. Look around and think about the current journey to work for many remote-based marketers in modern-day society as an example.

It might only be a few steps to the home office, but in that same breath, commuter time has been slashed dramatically and, in turn, that’s ‘given back’ vital time to the employee to get on with their daily tasks. Optimisation has taken place and it’s not even 9am!

From a...

The most important elements of customer segmentation in 2021

For some people, flexibility comes naturally. For others, it requires hours of stretching just to touch their toes. When it comes to customer segmentation in our new normal, marketers have some serious training to do.

Segmentations are massive undertakings that lost a lot of lustre during the pandemic. Even before COVID-19, they took months to complete and analyse, could cost into the six figures to conduct, and depreciated rapidly. They represent a sliver in time, and as soon as...