Why digital accessibility is now essential in the pandemic era

In a matter of weeks, Covid-19 achieved what years of lobbying and education had not - convincing organisations of the importance of making sure digital assets - like websites, emails and mobile apps - are easy to use and simple to navigate.

With the sudden upswing in digital demand and the almost overnight disappearance of physical interactions - it’s become clear how someone who cannot leave their home is forced to rely on digital channels, and how frustrating it is for them...

Five reasons you need a cart abandonment campaign

Research from the Baymard Institute shows that nearly 70 percent of online customers leave items in their carts without making a purchase.

Customers abandon carts for a variety of reasons, and there is no guarantee that they’ll remember to come back once they’ve left. Luckily, businesses aren’t helpless when it comes to reconnecting with these customers. Cart abandonment campaigns let businesses give a second pitch for their products and have another point of...

Why email needs to be the perfect platform for the Covid-19 moment

If anyone ever needed proof that email isn't dead, the Covid-19 crisis has provided it in spades. As companies around the globe became aware that the crisis would have an impact on their operations, customer communication became a higher priority than ever before. 

And rather than turning to instant messaging, chatbots, or any number of other newer technologies, most organisations chose to communicate with their customers via the old stalwart, email. And with good reason too....

Five key digital marketing strategies during Covid-19: Redefining and redeployment

While nobody can predict  what a post-coronavirus reality would look  like,  one thing is certain for marketers: digital channels are more important than ever. Online channels now play an increasingly crucial role, as people continue to self-isolate and spend more time online. In Italy, for instance, once the government introduced country-wide quarantines in mid-March, online traffic spiked 30%.

Today, we are seeing similar trends occur globally. In  these sensitive...

How to build a truly integrated marketing campaign – in six simple steps

Marketers are faced with a world of conflicting information, and it’s often supplied without evidence or an agenda. So, who should industry professionals trust when it comes to knowing exactly how to deliver messaging that works?

Not every marketing department will be utilising the powers of a great email campaign, but even for those that don’t, simple principles still apply.

When defining what an integrated campaign is, it gives meaning and purpose when...

The evolution of the inbox in 2020: Combining seamless customer experience with security

In recent years we’ve experienced a great shift in the way in which businesses are engaging with their customers. Giants of the gig economy, like Airbnb and Uber, have created highly potent customer engagement mechanisms right at the very heart of their operations. Today, because of this, UK consumers have come to expect contextualised, seamless and highly relevant communications.

Whether ordering food, looking for transport, or getting an update on a delivery, consumers today...

Making your marketing more sophisticated: Engage customers and save time with intelligent output

Many marketing departments will say there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done, however, the problem is that quite often they’re focusing on the wrong things.

For example, most marketers report that building an email takes between 30-50 minutes and landing pages up to two hours. Others simply don’t have the time to complete such tasks. Why is this still the case?

Throughout 2020, savvy professionals must be prepared to readdress the balance so...

Nurturing your customers through powerful communications: A guide

Whether targeting a consumer via an email, SMS or direct mail campaign, the underlying goal for any marketer remains the same – to encourage each person to buy their products or services.

However, in a world dictated by online noise, how can a busy professional achieve the critical cut-through it takes to keep individuals motivated enough to engage with their online channels and continuously purchase from their organisation?

On average, it takes six commercial touches...

Six killer marketing metrics that really matter: Segmentation and engagement

The life of a digital marketer is rarely straightforward. Whilst other communicators may perhaps argue it’s easier for their digital peers to evidence ROI, those within the world of email marketing, for instance, may be quick to defend their position. Because yes, they have a wealth of metrics at their fingertips, but it can be difficult to know where to start. Death by data anyone?

Focusing only on open and click rates?

In his book How to Win Friends and Influence...

Consumers will walk away from brands who go against their values – but brands have their heads in the sand

It’s time for brands to shape up or ship out when it comes to ethics with two in five consumers already having walked away from organisations which have violated their personal values, according to a new industry report.

The study from agency Hotwire, which alongside Sapio Research polled more than 6,000 consumers, as well as more than 1300 CMOs and business decision makers, argued that while consumers are willing to start afresh, business leaders are adopting a more...