Intuit to acquire email marketing platform Mailchimp for $12 billion

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Intuit, the financial software company behind TurboTax, QuickBooks, Mint and Credit Karma, has agreed to buy Mailchimp for $12 billion (£8.8bn).

Mailchimp is a marketing automation platform and email marketing service, used by businesses to manage their mailing lists and create email marketing campaigns and automations to send to customers.

Geared specifically towards growing small to mid-market businesses, Mailchimp’s acquisition by Intuit fits with its long-term...

Old School: The forgotten tech making a comeback with marketers

In the results-driven world of performance marketing, it can be tempting to jump from tool to tool, scrabbling at the latest must-have tech. 

Despite massive advances in the way that marketers work, at the core of many strategies lies some pretty reliable tech, which shows no sign of being dropped from the marketing mix. 

There is a reason why old tech works, there’s a layer of trust and acceptance that marketers can benefit from - big time.

Old tech,...

Digital marketers among most in demand freelancers

A for hire sign.

Technology, digital marketing and design workers have been the freelancers most in demand in the past 12 months.

This is according to a study by online jobs marketplace PeoplePerHour, which analysed data from 15,000 freelancers in the timeframe. Results showed that the most in demand freelancing jobs are in technology, digital marketing, and design with an increase in projects for freelancers with strong marketing, technical skills or programming...

Spamming vs. cadence – why email marketers should know the difference

With more than 300 billion marketing emails delivered every day, savvy brands across the globe are upping the ante in order to achieve the desired cut-through they require from their digital comms.

And while it’s becoming increasingly difficult for marketing departments to land that conversion-led piece of content – against an overwhelming backdrop of online ‘noise’ – the statistics evidence just how important a piece in the jigsaw that email marketing...

Assessing the disconnect between email and wider marketing teams

It is estimated that around 80% of businesses use email as their primary communication tool, especially when it comes to external communications. Virtually every sector, over the past year, has found themselves being forced to make changes and implement new technology in order to adapt to the effects of the pandemic. And in response to the shift to digital, how companies choose to implement and use email marketing has become even more essential to drive revenue.

Yet, despite...

Three technical trends to consider for your data-driven marketing initiatives

As we look into the future, it’s important to remember that real widespread change happens slowly for such a large industry. People have been talking about assembling customer 360-degree views and utilising “big data” for closing in on 20 years, and articles detailing how effective and popular AI will be in marketing go back close a decade.

Which is not to say change isn’t happening, but that it comes gradually, in fits and starts as industry innovators latch onto a...

Five account-based marketing trends to follow in 2021

It is a trend that’s perfectly in step with the times. Account-based marketing (ABM) is becoming one of the dominant forms of marketing today, and with good reason; in an age where marketing is ever-present, mass marketing efforts are a lot less effective than individual marketing targeted at specific potential customers. From individually tailored marketing efforts, messages can be more targeted and avoid some of the stigma from marketing saturation today.

While ABM is a trend...

How email can help businesses to scale during economic uncertainty

Despite economic and environmental challenges in 2020, the reality is many businesses are still succeeding due to innovative shifts in marketing strategies. Businesses who have otherwise taken a conservative approach to spending marketing dollars online, have now been thrust into the same advertising marketplace as eCommerce and tech giants. While this is uncertain and at times scary territory for many businesses the opportunity for success is huge.

Marketing teams have had to...

Influencers vs. copyright for music beds: Why AI could be the solution

If you find the topic of music copyright confusing then you’re not alone. It’s complicated, disjointed and expensive. But for content creators it’s an integral part of their process and necessary to achieve success.

All content creators understand the value that music adds by providing a layer that sets emotion, fun and enhances the experience for the viewer. But the practical application isn’t as straightforward as adding your favourite track to your...

How to write marketing emails for pandemic-era prospects in 2021: A guide

By now, you’ve likely heard that people are spending more time online. This isn’t a surprise, considering how quarantine and social distancing restrictions have affected everyone’s lifestyles. However, as a New York Times analysis revealed, people aren’t necessarily visiting the same websites they frequented before COVID-19 swept the globe.

While established media brands and streaming websites saw significant increases in traffic, many other URLs took hits as people’s...