Institute for Rebooting Social Media launched by Harvard University

Social Media Platforms

Harvard University has launched an academic initiative called the Institute for Rebooting Social Media, which aims to fix social media's most urgent problems.

Described as a “three-year pop up initiative”, the institute will focus on addressing misinformation, privacy breaches, harassment and content governance.

The institute is part of the University’s Berkman Klein Centre for Internet & Society (BKCIS) and it is being funded with £1.5 million from the John...

How MACH can transform the digital customer experience: A guide

There is no doubt that the global Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital adoption. For many companies, this move was one they were, understandably, unprepared for. And even for some of those businesses who were already operating online, their technology was either not sufficient enough to adapt at speed, or too general to meet the rapidly changing needs of their customers.

Even post-pandemic, consumer needs are continually evolving, with people shopping on mobile devices, on...

The six biggest myths holding back insight-driven businesses

Between economic pressures and ever-dynamic consumer trends, the past year has driven businesses to be more agile. If we’re looking for a silver lining to the pandemic, it’s that companies have accelerated their journeys toward data maturity.

But what does this mean for marketing operations? Despite the challenges, more and more businesses have turned to data to help reframe their priorities and achieve greater agility. While financial investment in this area is high – over...

Back to basics: The five Ws and two Hs of individualised marketing science

We live in a 24/7 culture, constantly connected with all of our technological advances and smart devices and hyper-personalised media outlets. That is especially true while we’ve lived and worked at home so much since early 2020.

As marketers, we also tend to enjoy living in our own self-created, nonstop working world, filling calendars with meetings and events, always being available, and racing to get the current campaign deployed without any reflection or rest before starting...

It’s time to stop wasting marketing spend and start using uplift models

In today’s saturated consumer landscape, the marketing teams that win are the ones that earnestly ask what each customer wants, and relentlessly use data to find the answers. In recent years, analytics and predictive models have enabled forward-thinking marketers to get ahead. But as these techniques get more ubiquitous, the competition is catching up. So what’s next for marketing teams on the cutting-edge?

At Vidora, we believe that uplift modeling is the next big frontier...

Digital, content and social roles on the rise in 2021, says LinkedIn

eCommerce personnel, digital content professionals and creative freelancers are expected to be among the fastest growing jobs in the UK in 2021, according to new data from LinkedIn.

The figures appear in LinkedIn's 'Jobs on the Rise' report, which analysed sectors with the highest year on year growth rates in hiring between April and October 2020.

Covid-19 has naturally played a major role in determining which roles are most sought after. In terms of eCommerce, which was...

How to clean up with the right dashboard strategy: Turning marketing data into business insights

Data and analytics are designed to drive revenue and provide the insights necessary to grow an organisation’s bottom line – guiding key decisions, identifying new customers and determining what is working and what is not. And while data has always been an important part of a business’ strategy, with the increase of digital marketing and increased multi-channel tactical execution, it is more essential than ever before.

What some businesses might not realise, however, is that...

Three guiding principles for building better marketing analytics dashboards

Modern marketing campaigns are constantly churning out data that can allow companies to continually improve customer engagement. But for that data to be useful, it has to be organised and presented in a way that key stakeholders can understand and act upon.

Enter the marketing analytics dashboard. These visual data representations provide a single, unambiguous source of truth about campaign performance. They allow stakeholders without a background in data science to easily see...

Know your data – and your limits – before utilising automation to drive campaign ROI

Brands are sitting on millions of pieces of data about customers and their behaviours – and yet many marketers are still failing to effectively apply it to their digital comms.

As a result, it’s leading to an array of lost opportunities. But why is that the case when organisations are exposed to even more ways to analyse their performance, speak to audiences on a deeper level and positively impact business growth?

Perhaps organisations aren’t providing marketing...

Machine learning for marketers: Getting the strategies and processes right

Webinar Machine learning has the potential to transform marketers' operations - but organisations need to overcome various hurdles to achieve success.

Writing for this publication at the end of last year, Phil Midwinter, CTO at Third Foundation, said organisations needed to make a 'serious commitment to data and digital via ML and AI' in 2020.

To achieve this, you not only need the right data, but also the right tools to read between the lines. Artificial...