How do you create a compelling digital proposition for 2021 after such an uncertain 2020?

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that things change quickly. And when things change quickly, a business needs to adapt and respond even quicker.

The impact of the Covid-19 pandemic over the last 6 months has seen changes that no one could have ever predicted: the global tourism industry facing the loss of 120 million jobs, the permanent closure of approximately 14,000 shops in the UK, and nearly half of people in employment in the UK working from home at some point this...

How brands can stand out on TikTok for the right reasons: A guide

All eyes are on TikTok; from users who can’t get enough of its content to the US companies making a bid for acquisition — and brands are waking up to the potential.

High on the list of attractions is scale. In just two years, the video app has gone from 55 million to almost 700 million monthly active users globally. Much of that growth is down to the pandemic-driven spike in demand for digital media, but it’s also fuelled by the specific appeal of TikTok’s short-form...

CMO Council explores the remit of earned media – and strained relations between marketing and comms

The Covid-19 pandemic may have forced a change in some respects, but a new report from the CMO Council makes it clear: marketing and comms are still too adversarial, and more media cohesion is needed.

In its report 'Bridging the Gap for Comms and Marketing', the council, alongside Cision, surveyed more than 150 brand leaders, as well as conducting interviews with executives from Schneider Electric, IBM, Nokia, and more.

Ultimately, marketing and comms don't really...

Trends in influencer marketing: Instagram and TikTok key, brand collaboration promising

The influencer marketing industry continues to grow with Instagram and TikTok key channels - but as Covid-19 continues to rage, a new report has found promising areas of collaboration in uncertain times.

The report from Tribe Dynamics, which surveyed more than 60 brands and more than 250 influencers, found manpower and resources remain roadblocks to program success. 91% of influencer marketing teams were between one and five people in size. More than four in five (81%) said their...

Understanding the eight metrics YouTube’s algorithm uses to rank videos

YouTube can be commended for making efforts to keep the marketing community updated about its latest developments in algorithms and analytics. This article looks at some of the metrics that YouTube’s algorithm uses to recommend videos to viewers on their Home and Watch Next screens.

Click-through rate (CTR)

On the home screen, YouTube shows the most relevant videos to viewers based on how many times other users clicked on the same videos and found them useful. The same CTR...

Brandwatch: On ‘rethinking and rebuilding’ digital marketing amid Covid-19

The Covid-19 pandemic has made many businesses suffer - and for marketing teams and agencies, where proving value has almost always been a bunfight, the impact has been especially hard.

According to a study from performance marketing provider Uplers in June, polling CEOs and senior management in agencies, more than half (57%) believed the impact of Covid-19 would last more than six months. Two thirds (66%) had seen a decrease in overall revenue.

Digital consumer...

Personalisation for ABM campaigns: Tackling challenges and getting a progressive approach

Session Getting the right personalisation strategy, to ensure a great customer experience but avoiding any privacy pitfalls, is vital to virtually any digital marketing initiative. For account-based marketing (ABM), it is even more important.

As a Lead Forensics article puts it, "great ABM content that will help you win clients is content that is relevant, timely, and highly personal." This involves a lot of groundwork, but it can be worthwhile - indeed, the difference...

How to use emojis in digital marketing – but not overdo it

Have you texted “😀” to a friend or co-worker recently? Believe it or not, you’ve used a form of language that’s been compared to Egyptian hieroglyphics. And millions of people do this every day.

Hieroglyphics and emojis are actually considered writing systems, not languages. However, pictograms are still powerful symbols that illustrate the way people think, speak, and communicate. For example, “😂” is used to convey not only extreme hilarity but sarcasm,...

Beyond the traditional: How YouTube is looking to turn lockdown viewing habits into a marketing win

Lockdown measures have been continuing to ease across the UK and beyond - albeit with some caveats - but there are some habits formed over the past few months that are here to stay. Being stuck behind closed doors led many people to try new things for the very first time, whether that was baking bread, a self-haircut, or working out at home instead of down the gym.

While the evidence on the streets suggests hairdressers won’t be replaced by DIY jobs any time soon, all three of...

How good design can influence return on investment online

It’s very easy for organisations to look at design as an added expense, rather than an investment.

A company’s business plan will typically include the costs of staff, infrastructure, and products and services – but why should the creative be seen as an ‘extravagance’ or overlooked entirely?

In fact, design can be the accelerator needed to generate company leads – it can be the difference between brands retaining customers, and their key targets venturing to...