Lack of training and relevant content holding back sales and marketing

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The biggest challenge for sales and marketing in the UK is inadequate training to succeed when working remotely (46%), followed by an inability to access relevant content (27%).

This is according to a study by revenue enablement tech firm, Showpad, which also found that the percentage of service subscribers who discontinue subscriptions within a given period of time has also become an increasing problem. 59% of UK survey respondents now cite it as the main obstacle to overcome,...

Digital marketers among most in demand freelancers

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Technology, digital marketing and design workers have been the freelancers most in demand in the past 12 months.

This is according to a study by online jobs marketplace PeoplePerHour, which analysed data from 15,000 freelancers in the timeframe. Results showed that the most in demand freelancing jobs are in technology, digital marketing, and design with an increase in projects for freelancers with strong marketing, technical skills or programming... On authenticity in social – linking a post-cookie, post-Covid world

"When it comes to marketing and social media, data is really telling us the truth - and we always shy away from reading the data and using it because it might make us look bad," explains Wiebke Leffers, senior strategist at social media platform provider

"This 'creative' feeling of if something worked on social media or not is just outdated," Leffers adds. "We really need to understand if we are achieving what we [want] on social media."

It's the age-old...

Why Covid-19 has taught content marketers the importance of going back to basics

Covid-19 has changed the way in which the world works and, like every other industry, marketing found itself in turmoil in March 2020. As consumer priorities and behaviours dramatically altered, marketing strategies naturally had to fall in line or by the wayside.

Brands navigated forward carefully, questioning whether they should pivot strategy for the climate or even continue marketing at all. Although many campaigns were inevitably scrapped after months of hard work, the answer...

The CMO guide to finding allies in the C-suite

There’s a lot of optimism in the air about the pandemic coming to an end, thanks to increasingly widespread vaccine deployment. People hope to resume normal lives at home and at work. But marketing executives already suspect there’s no going back to the way things were in 2019. Many CMOs saw huge budget cuts in 2020 and are wondering what comes next.

One thing seems certain: digital ad spending, which outpaced expenditures on non-digital forms of advertising for the first time...

Developing flexibility and agility in digital marketing: Five trends to explore

Recent headlines have shown how necessary dexterity and flexibility can be to dealing with business uncertainty. That lesson is incredibly relevant for professionals handling digital marketing efforts. After all, a campaign devised only a few months ago can come off as insensitive or in poor taste depending on the current environment. At the same time, having processes in place to change campaigns as necessary (whether you need to adjust tone, budget, or flighting) is of the utmost...

Analysing the haves and have nots for sales enablement: How can you become better?

If you want to be part of the C-suite at a visionary company, then you need a strategic, cyclical approach to the customer lifecycle. But where should sales enablement fit in?

This is the keynote of a new report issued by Seismic (landing page, email required). Not overly surprisingly, 'sales enablement platform provider says sales enablement is key' is not going to get tongues wagging. Yet while, as one would expect, the report says companies are applying sales enablement to...

Why you need to ensure your content works as hard as it can

Content now needs to work harder than ever to cut through the noise, resonate with the right people and impact on the bottom line.

Quality content that empathises with and engages audiences is a must to drive conversations, deliver unrivalled experiences and increase conversions. With so many brands leveraging content in one form or another, playing the long game is crucial if marketers are to make meaningful connections and create powerful content that converts in a space where...

Forget headless: Why agile CMS delivers the goods for marketing teams

Brands are trying to keep pace with new technologies and trends and even the terms that are adopted to describe them. ‘Agile CMS’ has recently been coined by Forrester, and it sounds great, but what does it mean in practice?

Disparate content systems rife with duplications and impossible to search cause delays and difficulties in enterprises today. Headless CMS, which separates frontend experiences from the backend content repository and management, had potential, but failed...

How AI can build a more empathetic future for marketing

The desire for companies to connect with the emotions of their customers is by no means a new phenomenon. For marketers, the ability to understand the emotional sentiments behind consumer behaviour has been a priority for decades. Yet it has been notoriously difficult to track these sentiments accurately over time.

Artificial intelligence (AI) offers a solution to this problem. Consumers today expect a tailored experience and AI has unique capabilities to help marketers by...